These ‘NCIS’ Fans Think Mark Harmon Deserved More Social Media Appreciation From Former Costars

by Jennifer Shea

Some “NCIS” fans have been debating Mark Harmon’s effective retirement from the show. In particular, they’ve been asking whether his former co-stars should have said more about his exit on social media.

“I find it mildly frustrating that there are no tweets or messages of former cast members reacting or commenting to Gibbs/Harmon leaving the show,” one fan kicked off a recent thread on Reddit. “Specifically Emily, Michael or cote… Or maybe my search game is weak and probably the only person that wanted to see that lol.”

But other fans jumped in to defend the cast’s relative radio silence on Harmon’s departure. They pointed out that he’s not really gone. (The door is open to return performances.) And so the cast might not want to treat the situation as if his character had been permanently written out of the show.

‘NCIS’ Fans Explain Muted Social Media Reaction to Harmon’s Exit

Another fan wondered if the silence was evidence that the rest of the cast didn’t get along with Harmon very well. However, yet another fan offered a different explanation. He summarized the various “NCIS” stars’ social media presence pretty precisely, explaining why the actors that other fans had wondered about likely weren’t posting about Harmon’s exit.

“I mean, Michael Weatherly hasn’t worked on NCIS in about 6 years,” the fan posted. “Rocky Carrol isn’t active much on social media. Emily Wickersham posted about it on Instagram and hasn’t been active in Twitter in 2 years. Brian Dietzen (surprisingly) didn’t say anything. But he might know more than we do about the future of the season. (If you don’t follow him on Twitter, though, you need to because he’s 100% loving that Jimmy Palmer life.) And Sean Murray isn’t active much on Twitter. Pauley Perrette had a falling out with him. And I don’t think David McCallum has social media. I know Cote doesn’t have any social media presence at all.”

Still, there remained detractors who found the silence a little fishy. “I am surprised Michael Weatherly, Brian Dietzen, Lauren Holly, Wilmer Valderrama, Maria Bello, Diona Reasonover and Katrina Law didn’t post anything,” another fan mused.

Ultimately, fans agreed that since Harmon isn’t really gone from the show, it wouldn’t make sense to give him a big sendoff just yet. The actor is still executive producing and may reappear in later episodes.

But fans nonetheless seemed to think it would have been nice to see more social media posts about the episode in which Gibbs announces he’s not coming back. It was, after all, a landmark “NCIS” moment.