These Pics of Mike Rowe & John Rich Recording a Christmas Song Together Are Simply Incredible

by Kati Michelle
(Photo By Lea Suzuki/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Fans live for crossover moments. Just ask “Law & Order” or “Chicago” and “FBI” fans. And remember that time that “Dirty Jobs” fans lost it when Mike Rowe’s world collided with “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing’s” Tim Allen? Well, Rowe is all about keeping America on its toes and his latest collaboration is sure to raise some eyebrows. Mike Rowe is getting his hands dirty in the country scene with some help from the blue-blooded patriot, John Rich.

Rich, of course, found country stardom through several projects like “Lonestar” and “Big & Rich.” He also hosts Fox’s “The Pursuit” over on their business side. So, what could John Rich and Mike Rowe possibly be collaborating on? Well, Rowe stays pretty hush about the details surrounding their newfound partnership. He still makes time to tease fans with a behind-the-scenes look at shooting a Christmas song, though, and the results are simply incredible.

Mike Rowe Dons a Santa Costume Hand-Sewn By John Rich’s Granny While Teasing Their Collaboration

This is the set of shots that Mike Rowe shared from his collaboration with John Rich. The last couple of snaps show both stars dressed to impress in their festive gear, but apparently, Rowe’s outfit comes from the late Granny Rich’s handiwork.

Check it out:

Based on Rowe’s caption, we don’t know much about the Christmas song, but we know it exists. And that alone is pretty incredible. Fans can’t get enough of the unexpected collab saying: “That looks like a room full of fun and stories!” Others chimed in saying, “You had me at ‘Oak Ridge Boys’…”

Whether it ends up being an original or cover song, you bet Outsider is on the lookout for its official drop.

Can Mike Rowe Actually Sing?

Can Mike Rowe actually sing? Well, that’s something Kelly Clarkson wanted to know along with the rest of America. While hosting her show, she brought Mike on to explore that very question. She starts her interview by alluding to a past opera group he was allegedly a part of. “You were in an opera, right?” she asks. “Did you actually end up performing?”

In response and in true Mike Rowe fashion, he shrugs it off. He humbly jokes: “Sometimes I put skiis on and go down a mountain, but that doesn’t make me a skier. You know what I mean?” After sharing laughs with Clarkson, Rowe continues and admits: “I can carry a tune.”

He then delves into the story of how Opera actually helped him pursue his real passion for TV and entertainment by providing him with opportunities he couldn’t find elsewhere. He then recreates the audition that got him on the path to where he is now and blows Kelly Clarkson away with his “magical tone.”

Check it out: