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Thieves Make Off with Elvis Presley Bust from Bar

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

It appears some Illinois ne’er-do-wells had a little conversation and took a little more action when it came to jacking an Elvis Presley bust from a West Peoria saloon. Now, while the bust was of little financial value to the owner, the King of Rock N’ Roll‘s replica represents a whole lot of sentimental value. As such, bar owner, Jimmy Spears has asked the thieves to return the bust, “No questions asked.”

According to Fox News, thieves made off with the Elvis bust sometime between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. In referring to the theft, Spears said, “To walk off with that took some guts.” After all, we can only assume the Elvis head was not an easily missable item.

However, Spears did admit that the theft of the Elvis bust would take little coordination or consideration. He told the news outlet he hadn’t bothered to bolt down the object or secure it in any way, assuming that no one would care enough to steal it.

As far as legal involvement goes, the bar owner opted not to report the theft. Spears shared he didn’t want to disturb local law enforcement who might be involved with other, more pressing issues.

Nevertheless, we hope the Elvis bust makes its return to the IL bar. Spears shared his niece had purchased the cheap replica 15 years prior, at a yard sale for a whopping $20.

In a post asking for the Elvis bust’s return, Spears wrote, “Elvis has left the building. Please bring him back whoever took him. No questions asked.”

Elvis Presley Jar of Hair Sells for Massive Price

For now, we wait to hear whether or not the Illinois bar sees the return of its iconic Elvis Presley bust. And while the bust is clearly of no financial value, having had its nose broken off and glued back on before, Elvis fans elsewhere dished out a hefty chunk of change when the King of Rock N’ Roll’s jar of hair went up for auction.

Yeah, oddly enough, you read that right. Prior to the icon’s sudden death, an impressive collection of Elvis’s hair had been jarred and given to the star by his former barber, Homer Gilleland. During the international September auction, Kruse GWS Auctions sold the discomforting Elvis memorabilia for an astounding $72,500. Previously purchased for more than $100,000 in 2002, the anonymous buyer apparently scored quite a deal.

Of the strange object itself, the auction’s founder and head auctioneer, Brigitte Kruse, said, “This collection of hair…represents the largest and most well-documented collection of Elvis’ hair in the world.” She added the chunk of hair amasses to an impressive baseball size.

Talk about a hunk, a hunk of burning Elvis love.