This Classic Tom Selleck Western Is Now Streaming on HBO Max

by Maria Hartfield

American actor and film producer Tom Selleck‘s work is now available on HBO Max. Selleck’s western-romance film, Quigly Down Under joins his other films including In & Out on the streaming platform.

Quigley Down Under celebrates its 32nd anniversary later this year. The 1990 motion picture was written by John Hill and directed by Free Willy‘s Simon Wincer. Quigley Down Under tells the story of sharpshooter and American cowboy Matt Quigley, played by Selleck. An Australian rancher hires Quigley from Wyoming offering to pay a very high price. However, when Quigley arrives in Australia, not everything is as it seems. Upon learning the expectation os for him to help take-down Aboriginal Australians, Quigly finds himself on the wrong side of the struggle. The star-studded cast includes Laura San Giacomo and the late Alan Rickman. Rickman received an award from the London Film Critics’ Circle Award for his performance in the film.

The script came to light in 1974 drawing attention from several producers. Actor Steven McQueen was originally set to star in the movie. However, upon McQueen’s death in November 1980, the project was put on pause. Fast forward to 1987 and Warner Bros. picked up the script casting Selleck in the leading role as Matt Quigley.

Sadly, upon its release, the film earned mixed reviews. Quigley Down Under struggled to earn back its initial investment hence why no sequel came to be. Instead, Selleck earned high praise for his work in the 1990 film Three Men and a Little Lady and its sequel, Three Men and a Baby.

In addition to Quigley Down Under, Selleck fans can also find the actor as Frank Oz in In & Out now streaming on HBO Max. Known for a famous scene in which Selleck kisses fellow actor Kevin Cline, In & Out also stars Joan Cusack, Debbie Reynolds, and Matt Dillon.

Tom Selleck’s rise to fame

Born Thomas William Selleck, the American actor and film producer made a name for himself as the Hawaii-based private investigator Thomas Magnum in the 1980s TV series, Magnum, P.I. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Selleck’s mom, Martha S. (Jagger) was a homemaker, and his dad, Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor and executive.

Selleck’s resume is full of his many television roles including Dr. Richard Burke on Friends (1994) and A.J. Cooper on Las Vegas (2003). Additionally, Selleck appears in over fifty movies including Mr. Baseball (1992), Quigly Down Under (1990), Lassiter (1984), and Three Men and a Baby (1987). The latter became his most successful release as well as the highest-grossing movie in 1987.

Other notable roles include Selleck as Commissioner Frank Reagan in the long-running drama series, Blue Bloods on CBS.

Stream Tom Selleck’s best work now across streaming platforms including HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+. Amazon Prime features Selleck’s Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005) and Runaway (1984) while Paramount+ houses the entire collection of Blue Bloods. Additionally, Paramount+ includes Selleck’s cult horror movie Daughters of Satan (1972) and romantic comedy, The Love Letter (1999). Sadly, Netflix users won’t have access to Selleck movies at the moment.