On This Day: ‘Leave it to Beaver’ Actor Ken Osmond Guest Stars on ‘Petticoat Junction’ in 1964

by Keeli Parkey

Actor Ken Osmond is most famous for his role as Eddie Haskell on the classic sitcom “Leave it to Beaver.” However, this was not the only time he appeared on a beloved television show.

In fact, the year after his role as Haskell came to an end, Osmond made a guest star appearance on “Petticoat Junction.” His time on “Leave it to Beaver” took place from 1957 until 1963.

According to a recent tweet by @SilverAgeTV, the “Leave it to Beaver” actor appeared on a 1964 episode of “Petticoat Junction.” The episode was titled “The Genghis Keane Story.” According to IMDb.com, he played the role of Harold Boggs.

The plot of this episode of “Petticoat Junction” sees a teacher of Kate Bradley’s return to town. The teacher isn’t very happy. So, the Bradley girls decide to do what they can to help her. To do so, they think that getting students who have quit school to go back to learning will help her.

“Leave it to Beaver” actor Ken Osmond played one of those students in this episode. In a clip from the show, he approaches a table to sign up. Billie Jo Bradley greets Harold and they step away from the table to have a moment alone.

“It’s sure nice to see you. Where have you been keeping yourself?” Billie Jo asks Harold as she takes his hand.

The flirty Billie Jo then drops a hint that she is free on Monday nights. Harold takes the bait and asks her out for a date. At first, she accepts. Then realizes she has to help her mother with their work to help students who have quit school.

Harold reminds her that he had quit school. She still refuses the date. This leads him to go sign up for classes. “He’s hooked!” Billie Jo exclaims when she returns to the table. “I’ll see you Monday night, Billie Jo,” Harold says as he signs up and smiles at her.

You can watch the “Leave it to Beaver” star in a scene from “Petticoat Junction” below.

Ken Osmond Joined the Cast of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ When He Was 14 Years Old

When he began his tenure on “Leave it to Beaver” as Eddie Haskell, Ken Osmond was only 14 years old. The character was a friend of Beaver Cleaver’s older brother, Wally. However, Haskell was not meant to be a returning character on “Leave it to Beaver.”

As luck would have it, Osmond ended up appearing in 100 episodes. And, during those episodes of “Leave it to Beaver,” the actor gave fans some very memorable moments.

Interestingly, “Leave it to Beaver” and “Petticoat Junction” are not the only classic television shows where Ken Osmond found work. According to IMDb.com, the “Leave it to Beaver” actor also appeared on “The Munsters,” “Lassie,” and “Happy Days.” And, of course, he also returned as Eddie Haskell for “The New Leave it to Beaver” from 1983 until 1989.

Ken Osmond passed away on May 18, 2020, at the age of 76.