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This Petition for Kevin Costner to Star in a Christmas Movie Is Blowing Up

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Elisabetta A. Villa/Getty Images

From sports movies to Westerns to dramas to romance movies, Kevin Costner has done just about everything.

It seems like the one genre Costner has neglected is that very seasonal, yet very popular, genre of Christmas movies. Many stars have made an appearance in holiday-themed movies over the years — from Dolly Parton to Tom Hanks.

Now, some Kevin Costner fans are demanding the “Yellowstone” star gets his own Christmas movie. In fact, a petition started circulating about three months ago for this holiday-themed movie to come to life.

The petition on Change.org has gotten a lot of attention so far, but does that mean Costner will even pay it any attention?

Costner currently has a gap in his filming schedule. “Yellowstone” has wrapped filming for season four, seeing as it’s going to premiere very soon on November 7.

Kevin Costner’s fans believe he is a man of his fans, so maybe he’d pull through with this specific request. “If people list ‘Die Hard’ or ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ as a favorite holiday film, then we want one starring Kevin Costner. I admit another fan came up with the idea of a petition, and I thought why not? Costner is a man who makes films for his fans. Why not share with him one we would like to see?” the owner of the petition, Kay Oliver, stated.

So far, this petition has over 85,000 hearts and likes on Facebook, 2,875 actual signatures, and several TikTok videos that have gotten close to 6,000 likes.

While some of the Costner classics like “Field of Dreams,” “Bull Durham,” and “Dances with Wolves” can obviously be watched at any time of the year, fans of the actor want something with some specific holiday flair.

We May Not Get a Kevin Costner Christmas Flick, But This Touching Fan Moment Needs a Movie

During an interview with Larry King back in 2016, Kevin Costner shared a really special moment he had with a fan years ago. The actor said he was at a rallying event for the Gulf War.

Costner said that he was leaving after a long day when he heard a faint voice trying to call out to him. What he didn’t expect at the time is an experience that would deeply impact him and stick out for years to come.

“I want to thank you for coming today, she says. I want to tell you how much your movie ‘Dances with Wolves’ meant to me. There’s a scene at the end where you come back from being a prisoner and you see your wife and you’re running up the hill and she’s running up the hill. Then you hug her and kiss her and it seems like that kiss goes forever and you roll in the snow. She said, my husbands missing in action and all I can think of is that moment that maybe I get to run and meet him again someday. I want to make my kiss with him last as long as you made that kiss in the snow,” Kevin Costner shared regarding this intimate fan moment.

Kevin Costner couldn’t stop thinking about this interaction. Eventually, he decided to cut out three negatives of that exact scene to send to this woman.