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This ‘Storage Wars’ Video of Show’s ‘Biggest Fights of All Time’ Is 20 Minutes of TV Gold

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Paul Warner/Getty Images)

Who else but Dave Hester would cause so many fights on Storage Wars? Nearly every explosive moment that’s happened on the show has been a result of Hester’s actions at the auction. From verbal spats to fist-clenching physical fights, the star earned a less than favorable reputation among the rest of the cast.

For a while, it seemed like his only motivation at the storage lockers was to rub people the wrong way. Each time Hester would show up, he had a vendetta against a different person. Sometimes it was fellow Storage Wars stars like Barry Weiss, and other times, it was even the auctioneers. Regardless of the target, Hester always walked away with a satisfied smile, knowing that he had successfully ticked them off.

Take a look at some of Hester’s – as well as a few other Storage Wars stars’ – most infamous moments on camera.

The moments that won Hester the most amount of enemies among the cast typically happened when he decided to mess with auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson. Usually a bright and cheery duo, the married auctioneer couple doesn’t put up with a lot of drama when directed towards them.

During one auction, Dan Dotson failed to see someone’s bid in the crowd, and following the auction, Hester decided to call him out. But Dotson wasn’t willing to hear the fellow Storage Wars star’s criticism and approached him. Soon enough, the two were in a scrap. Laura tried to help break up the fight, but Hester immediately shoved her to the ground.

That only infuriated her husband more.

Following the scuffle, Dan and Laura instructed Hester to leave the premises and continued the auction with a smile.

Tense Moments Between ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

Of course, Hester wasn’t the only one to watch out for when things got heated. Oftentimes, former Storage Wars couple Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz battled it out with each other during an auction. Most of the time, though, the cause of this was indiscretion over the use of the day’s funds.

The now split couple would bicker about spending too much or not enough, resulting in a fiasco on film. At one point, Passante chastised her boyfriend for not buying enough units within the past few weeks which shocked Schulz. Usually, his Storage Wars girlfriend reprimanded him for spending too much, but now with her blessing to spend more, he went into the auction with the intent to put down some big bucks.

“There’s a 90-percent chance that you’re gonna leave here mad at me today,” Schulz told Passante after purchasing a packed locker. “And I accept that.”

It’s possible that tense moments like these contributed to why their relationship didn’t last.