This Taylor Sheridan Movie Starring Josh Brolin Is Making Waves on HBO Max

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Taylor Sheridan and Josh Brolin might just be the perfect combination. One of Josh Brolin’s older movies is currently sitting at No. 7 on HBO Max’s streaming chart. It’s proof that the streaming site gets a lot of traction for original programming like “Euphoria” and “Succession” as well as older fan favorites.

A Look at 2015 Film, ‘Sicario’

The Josh Brolin movie in question is “Sicario,” which is an action thriller movie from 2015. It is directed by Denis Villeneuve and is written by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the popular “Yellowstone” series.

The movie stars Brolin, Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Jeffrey Donovan, and Raoul Trujilo. The movie starts out with an introduction to an FBI agent named Kate Macer (Blunt) who is starting a very secret operation. She is recruited by Matt Graver (Brolin), a mysterious government official.

The goal seems simple — bring down the powerful leader of a Mexican drug cartel. The leader is Alejandro (del Toro). The movie performed well and earned some formal recognition. The movie received nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, and Best Original Score at the 88th Academy Awards. It was enough to warrant a sequel, “Sicario: Day of the Soldado,” in 2018. There is supposedly a third film in development.

It remains popular today. Rotten Tomatoes has an approval rating of 92% from 280 fan reviews. It was Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro that got extreme praise for their performances. For now, we’ll just have to hold out until we can see that third movie in the franchise at some point in the future.

Current Work from Josh Brolin and Taylor Sheridan

As for Josh Brolin and Taylor Sheridan, both are still keeping busy. Brolin, for starters, is working on a comedy film called “Brothers.” The upcoming movie also stars Peter Dinklage, Glenn Close, Brendan Fraser, Taylour Paige, and William Tokarsky. There is not a release date for this film quite yet.

He also has a TV series called “Outer Range” in the post-production stage. This is a series coming to Amazon Prime that focuses on a rancher actively trying to save both his land and family (sounds a bit “Yellowstone” in nature). Suddenly, he discovers a mystery right at the edge of the Wyoming wilderness. It sounds like it will be a top performance from Josh Brolin.

In addition to both “Yellowstone” and “1883,” Sheridan also put a lot of time into “Mayor of Kingstown” with Jeremy Renner and the 2021 film “Those Who Wish Me Dead” with Angelina Jolie.

He has two projects in pre-production, “Lioness” and “Fast.” He’s also got two other “Yellowstone” world spin-offs announced, “1932” and “6666” for the fans that can’t seem to get enough.