Thomas Wells, ‘X-Factor’ Standout and Former ‘The Voice’ Contestant, Dead at 46

by Samantha Whidden
Photo by Belinda Jiao/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Thomas Wells, an X-Factor standout and former contestant on The Voice, has reportedly passed away at the age of 46. 

According to TMZ, Thomas Wells died following an accident while working on the job at an Oklahoma-based tire manufacturing planet. His body was reportedly caught in a machine that was like an automatic conveyer belt. The machine did not stop and he was rushed to a nearby hospital in Idabel. 

Thomas Wells’ wife, Jessica, also shared with the media outlet that her husband was airlifted to a hospital in Tyler, Texas. This was because doctors thought specialists in the Texas hospital could help him.  However, Wells passed away at the Texas hospital on November 13th. 

Along with X-Factor and The Voice, Thomas Wells also made appearances on America’s Got Talent and The Winner Is. TMZ revealed that the singer had a keen interest in music at an early. He even taught himself some instruments by ear. He sang choir at church and in school. His music genre was mainly hymns and contemporary music. 

On his YouTube Channel, Thomas Wells also recorded himself singing various country songs. This includes Amazed by Lonestar, Broken Road by Rascal Flatts, and Changed by Rascal Flatts. 

Thomas Wells’ wife stated that she will remember her husband of 17 years as a “unique person” who always had a smile on his face. He always tried to make others laugh as well. She went on to add that he would randomly bust out singing and did not mind the spotlight. 

Thomas Wells is the Second ‘X-Factor’ Contestant to Recently Pass Away

Thomas Wells is the second X-Factor star to pass away suddenly in the past couple of months. Contestant of the show and minister Freddie Combs died at the age of 49 in September. As previously reported, Combs revealed that he recently lost nearly 400lbs at the time of his X-Factor performance. Prior to losing the weight, he was more than 900lbs. He then performed Bette Midler’s famous hit single Wind Beneath My Wings. 

At his audience, Combs praised his wife, Kay, and stated that she was his ultimate supporter. “My wife Kay, she’s an incredible woman. She started caring for me right after we were married in ’96, and as my weight rose, more things were required of her. She’s the closest thing to an angel and a saint that I know,” Combs said during his audition.

Kay stated that her husband was surrounded by friends and family in the hospital at the time of his passing. He reportedly passed away due to kidney failure. She also shared with the media outlet that her husband ended up weighing around 385lbs. “I have so much gratitude to be his wife for 25 years and to be his best friend.”