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‘Three’s Company’ Actor Suzanne Somers Explained Why Her Relationship with Alan Hamel Isn’t About ‘Luck’

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Three’s Company actress Suzanne Somers recently celebrated her 44th wedding anniversary with her husband Alan Hamel. For her, the marriage has nothing to do with luck. Somers married Hamel, who’s ten years her senior, in 1977, the same year Three’s Company first aired.

The two met long before they married, however, and lived together for about ten years before tying the knot. They first bumped into each other when the Chrissy Snow actress met Hamel on the set of a game show, The Anniversary Game. Somers worked as a prize model and Hamel was a host. Their love for each other hasn’t died down since.

“I am madly in love,” the Three’s Company actress said in an interview with Fox News. “I still am. It’s bizarre to me that after 40 years of marriage and 50 years together that I still feel that way. But he turns me on, and I think I turn him on, and it’s always been like that. You know the way it is when you first start dating someone and this might be the one? That feeling has never gone away,” she said.

Sadly, many don’t have that and wind up struggling in their relationships as time goes by. Clearly, Somers and Hamel have something special. But how? For Somers, it’s not about “being lucky.”

“So is this luck? I don’t know. A good relationship is not about luck. It’s about really putting in the effort to make sure that you give each other a lot of attention and respect. … But if you throw in the other component of you turn one another on, that kind of makes it really great.”

Attention, attraction, and effort seem to be what truly makes the difference for the happy couple, even though according to Somers, they definitely struggled in their first ten years. Now, the actress loves being in her 70s and all the wisdom that comes with that.

‘Three’s Company Actress’ Was Known for her Snort Laugh

One of Chrissy Snow’s most distinct traits on Three’s Company was her “snort” laugh. Somers said that the hilarious yet somewhat charming laugh was all an accident.

“One day in rehearsal I laughed so hard I snorted,” Somers said during her Three’s Company reunion show in 2012. “And I thought we’d stopped taping it. They said, ‘Leave it in.’ Really? And then they started writing it in.”

Even now, decades after the end of Three’s Company, Somers gets asked to “do the snort.” Apparently, she still can. While Somers made many laugh on a grand scale, her private life with her husband also seems to be filled with laughter and love, even five decades after their first date.