‘Three’s Company’: John Ritter Expressed Concerns Over Being Famous and Trying to Raise Children

by Joe Rutland

John Ritter made a name for himself as Jack Tripper on “Three’s Company.” But the comedic actor was also dealing with becoming a father, too.

Ritter, who sadly died in 2003, was on top of his game during a 1980 interview with Bobbie Wygant. In this year, his first son Jason was born. It was not known whether he was going to have a boy or girl at the time of this interview. Ritter was riding a wave of success thanks to the ABC sitcom on which he was the top star.

Wygant asks Ritter about having a child whose father is, as she puts it, “a superstar.”

“Well, thank you,” Ritter says jokingly into the camera.

‘Three’s Company’ Star Shares Fan Interaction With First Wife

But Ritter does get serious when the “Three’s Company” star is asked if he’s thought about the ramifications around having a child as a popular TV star.

“Yeah, it sure does and I keep thinking of, like, my father (country music legend Tex Ritter), just different times, the public at home, not no but sometimes when you go out in public, (his first wife) Nancy has sort-of gotten an elbow,” Ritter said.

“‘Excuse me, hi John,'” Ritter said in giving an example of an overzealous fan. “Somebody, I don’t want someone trampling over my child and getting a lot of focus or privileges or attention or annoyances from people because of his father. So, or her father. Who knows.”

Sitcom Star Fathered Four Children During His Lifetime

Ritter had two other children with Nancy. A daughter, Carly, was born in 1982. Another son, Tyler, was born in 1985. The couple divorced in 1996 after 19 years of marriage. Ritter married Amy Yasbeck in 1999 and had another child, which was born in 1998.

As mentioned earlier, the “Three’s Company” star died from an aortic dissection on Sept. 11, 2003. Ritter was just 54 years old.

He was a headliner on ABC’s “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” along with Katey Sagal, who had gained attention on FOX’s “Married… With Children.” Ritter became ill while on the show’s set and he was rushed to nearby Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Physicians first diagnosed Ritter as having suffered a heart attack. His conditioned worsened and they discovered he’d suffered an aortic dissection. But it was too late to save the star as Ritter died in the same hospital in which he was born.

Viewers all around the world keep falling in love with Ritter on “Three’s Company” from one generation to another.