‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Breaks Silence on ‘Freaky’ Home Invasion

by Katie Maloney

What would you do if a half-naked man showed up at your house? Our advice: call Suzanne Somers.

The Three’s Company actress was faced with a half-naked intruder while filming a Facebook live video at her home in Palm Springs. Suzanne Somers was promoting her organic cosmetics line when a man wearing nothing but a bikini bottom walked onto the property in her home.

During the live video, you can see Somers pause as she asks her husband (who’s filming) “Is somebody here?” Her husband says it’s just the frog but Somers persists. “I just heard a person,” she says. To which a voice from afar says “Over here.”

That’s when things get creepy. Somers turns around and reacts to the offscreen voice she hears. She was expecting dinner guests. So, at first, she thinks the man is a friend of hers and invites him to come closer. When the man gets closer, Somers realizes that he’s a stranger. “Who are you?” she asks.

The man tells Suzanne his name and says that he “was slightly terrified over there for a second.”Somers asks him why he was afraid. He says “there were ghosts following me.” Luckily, that’s when a fan called the police.

The man continues his rant telling Somers that the sound of the frog they keep hearing is “the devil.” He then offers her a “gift.” We don’t even want to think about what the gift could have been because he wasn’t wearing anything but a speedo – he has nowhere to store any gifts worth receiving.

Can we just point out how calm Somers stays while interacting with a half-naked stranger in her home? At one point she evens says to the man, “You don’t scare me.”

Suzanne Somers faces a home intruder during Facebook live video.

How Did Suzanne Somers Stay So Calm?

Some barely clothed dude showed up at her house mid-contour tutorial and Suzanne barely blinked an eye. At one point, in true actress fashion, she even turned to the camera with an entertaining shocked face for her viewers. How did Suzanne Somers stay so calm and collected during the interaction? Somers opened up during an interview about what helped her keep it together amid the chaos.

“I had a few hundred thousand people watching, and I wanted to keep them calm, said Somers.

She also said that, based on his outfit choice, she knew he didn’t have a weapon.

“…the great thing is that he was almost naked. So, I could see he didn’t have anything, he didn’t have a weapon,” she said.

Additionally, Suzanne said that her less-than-ideal upbringing also played a role in her ability to stay so calm.

“I’ve written several books about being a child of an alcoholic… one thing that happens, you either crumble from it, or you become crisis-oriented. When things get crazy you want to be around someone like me,” said Suzanne.

However, the star admitted that once the adrenaline wore off, the reality of what occurred set in.

“But when it was all over, I was feeling my feelings,” she said.

In conclusion, if you’re ever faced with a speedo-wearing home invader who’s being chased by ghosts, call Suzanne Somers.