‘Three’s Company’: Suzanne Somers Explained How She Has ‘Reinvented’ Herself ‘Over and Over’

by Jennifer Shea

Suzanne Somers is a comeback kid. The “Three’s Company” star has been on top of the world – or at least, of Hollywood – and she’s been knocked off her stride. But she’s bounced back time after time. She’s also reinvented herself after every setback.

It hasn’t been easy to learn the lessons of failure, Somers said in a 2019 interview with Closer Weekly. But the confident actress says she’s recovered from every tumble.

“I now get that these careers are high and low,” Somers told Closer Weekly. “And you don’t learn anything when you’re high. You learn when you’re low. That’s when you have time to sit back and think and realize that when you hit the top of the mountain, there’s nowhere to go further up. You can only start going down, and that’s the time to go left or right and reinvent.”

“I’ve actively reinvented myself over and over,” she added. “And I’ve taken every big fist that has come my way and turned it into rocket fuel. Kind of, like, ‘Oh, yeah? Let me show you!’”

Somers Says Getting Fired from ‘Three’s Company’ Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Her

While she may not have realized it at the time, getting kicked off “Three’s Company” for demanding a bigger raise was the best thing that could have happened to her, Somers says now.

“You know why?” she asked Closer Weekly. “It gave me enormous visibility not only in this country, but around the world. It allowed me to have a louder voice around the world.”

“Time has laid out the template that just sort of revealed itself to me: Life is a journey you can’t plan,” Somers added. “And that every single thing that happens to me has actually been of monumental importance for my evolution.”

After “Three’s Company,” Somers went on to record infomercials – in particular, becoming a spokeswoman for Thighmaster – write books and appear in the sitcom “Step by Step,” as well as on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Somers’s Husband Feared She Could Get Fired

According to Somers, her husband, Alan Hamel, had some misgivings about their decision to negotiate for an astronomical salary increase (which would have put Somers on par with what her male co-star John Ritter was making) and a piece of the show.

“When Alan left the next morning for the meeting, he stopped and uncharacteristically turned back to me and said, ‘You know, this could all blow us out of the water,’” Somers recalled. “And I said, ‘No, it’s a negotiation. We asked for this, they counter, you come back, they come back, we meet in the middle and all is well.’”

Of course, Hamel’s premonitions proved correct. The negotiations fell apart, and the network booted Somers off the show. It was a swift fall from grace. But after about a year of wallowing, Somers decided she was ready to perform in Vegas. That marked the beginning of a career turnaround that has continued well into her golden years. And as for Somers, she remains defiant to the end.