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‘Tiger King 2’: The Biggest Questions Viewers May Have After the Second Season

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Robert Cinega via Getty Images)

Tiger King made huge waves in 2020. As the pandemic pushed most people into their homes, the show gave them an escape. In truth, the show was akin to the scene that would result from a train crashing into a dumpster fire. No matter how insane life was getting, Joe Exotic and the rest of the outlandish cast of characters made it all seem normal by comparison. Now, Tiger King 2 is here. It hit the streaming service yesterday, November 17th, and fans already have questions.

What ‘Tiger King 2 ‘Didn’t Tell Us

Tiger King 2 gave some updates and closure. However, it left many things open to speculation. In fact, some might say that they’ve left things open for a third installment of big cat craziness. If that is the case, many fans hope that it answers a few burning questions.

What Happened to Don Lewis?

Don Lewis went missing in 1997. Last year, Joe Exotic claimed that Carole Baskin killed him, covered him in sardine oil, and fed him to her big cats. That claim permeated the internet and turned Carole into a meme. Her portrayal in the show upset Baskin so much that she tried to sue Netflix to stop the show from airing. She might be glad about the fact that she failed. Tiger King 2 showed us that Don might still be alive.

According to some information in Tiger King 2, Don Lewis might be living a brand new life in Costa Rica. In one episode, we see a federal document showing that Lewis loaned money to several people. Additionally, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office will hold a press conference about the investigation later today (November 18th), according to Fox 13.  

Where’s Doc Antle?

Tiger King made the world think that Carole Baskin killed her husband. Additionally, it informed us that Doc Antle has four wives. A former member of his inner circle described the manipulative and coercive way Doc lured women into his bed and later down the aisle. He obviously wasn’t pleased with this and was largely absent from Tiger King 2 as a result. However, The New York Times reported that Antle was indicted on charges of wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty. He’ll stand trial in July next year.

Why Did ‘Tiger King 2’ End with a Dedication to Erik Cowie?

Erik Cowie passed away earlier this year. He was a big part of the original series. So, it makes sense for Tiger King 2 to give him a proper shout-out. Authorities found him dead in his friend’s Brooklyn apartment. They reported that acute alcohol abuse killed the longtime animal caretaker.

Will Joe Exotic Get Out of Prison?

Joe Exotic appeared in Tiger King 2 via phone from prison. He’s currently chipping away at a 22-year sentence. However, the show hints that the sentence may come to an end much sooner than expected. Earlier this year, Joe announced that he has prostate cancer. As a result, his lawyer is working hard to get a retrial for the reality TV star. Additionally, the show ended with one of the state’s witnesses signing an affidavit retracting his statement about Exotic’s alleged murder plot.