‘Tiger King 2’: Gary Busey’s Son Is Not in the Show

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

As Netflix’s follow-up series Tiger King 2 continues to gain popularity, viewers are starting to ask some fairly interesting questions about those who are appearing on the docu-series. This includes questions of whether or not Mike Busey is the son of actor Gary Busey

According to Distratify, Gary Busey’s son is Jake Busey. The younger Busey has appeared in various high-profile films throughout the years, including Starship Troopers and Enemy of the State. He has also appeared in Netflix’s other hit series Stranger Things. But that is not Jake Busey in Tiger King 2.

But Tiger King fans are NOT that far off. Mike Busey is actually Jake’s cousin. He also claims to be the nephew to Gary Busey, even though his real name is Michael Andrew Ward. The media outlet reported that Mike had actually made headlines in 2017 when his Sausage Castle business caught on fire. The party venue was constructed to look like the Playboy Mansion. 

Mike only appeared on Tiger King 2 for the Beg Your Pardon episode.

Carole Baskin Slams ‘Tiger King 2’ & Once Again Denies That She Murdered Her Husband

Days after Tiger King 2 premiered on Netflix, Carole Baskin issued a statement calling out the follow-up series and clarifying once again that she did not kill her ex-husband, Don Lewis.

“Season 2, as expected and indicated in the trailer, continues to do everything they can to falsely convince the viewer that Carole was involved in Don Lewis’ disappearance,” the statement to the Los Angeles Times reads. 

Baskin then stated that the Tiger King producers were consistent with their prior lack of ethics. “The producers continue with the technique they used in Season 1 of having accusatory statements about Carole followed by images or video of her chosen to intentionally reinforce and magnify the accusations. The result, predictable, has been a new surge of social media hate directed at Carole the day of the release.”

The statement from Baskin comes just weeks after the Tiger King subject announced she was planning to sue Netflix for using the footage of her and her now-husband Howard Baskin in the follow-up series. She previously told TMZ that she’s not trying to stop Netflix from putting out the series. She is just wanting to cut ties from the series because she believes the producers duped her. 

Baskin believes that Tiger King actually mispresents her and her mission to protect her tigers. The series’ fans are still harassing and attacking her.

Meanwhile, Baskin is now on Discovery+ for her new series Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight. The animal rights advocate says that the series is a unique opportunity for audiences to come behind the scenes with her and her crew. “For an unfiltered look at how we expose the cub petting exploiters and roadside zoos we feel are mistreating animals.”