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‘Tiger King 2’: Joe Exotic Claims New Netflix Sequel Proves His Innocence

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Following the release of Netflix’s Tiger King 2, former zookeeper, Joe Exotic reveals that the follow-up series proves that he is innocent.

Exotic, who is serving a 22-year prison sentence for paying a hitman $3,000 to kill animal rights advocate and fellow Tiger King star Carole Baskin, revealed in a letter to New York Post about the series and how it proved his innocence. He also spoke about how President Trump was a fool for not pardoning him before leaving office.

“President Trump was a fool not to pardon me,” the Tiger King star writes in his letter. “Before the election, millions of people were hoping for it as they know I’m innocent, most of this is in [Tiger King 2].”

The Tiger King star then noted that it will be the same for President Biden. “The world will know the truth [when the new season is released]. Him and VP [Kamala] Harris ran on justice and prison reform,” he declared. The former zookeeper also shared that it would be in the interest of “American Justice” for President Biden to pardon him prior to the holidays. The President should also charge those with perjury and other suitable charges.

“The injustice is really going to cost votes in 2022. As the people wonder if this could happen to them under his watch,” Joe Exotic stated. The Tiger King subject pointed out the treatment he has received since he has been in prison. He claimed that the U.S. government has been keeping him from talking to the press. 

How Did ‘Tiger King 2’ Confirm Joe Exotic’s Innocence? 

The New York Times revealed that in Tiger King 2, Allen Glover, an associate of Jeff Lowe, originally told investors he was hired to kill Carole Baskin. But in the follow-up series,  Glover admitted that he committed perjury. 

The ex-con also admitted in Tiger King 2 that he and Lowe, who was Exotic’s business partner, were actually scheming to murder Exotic. Glover explained that he and Lowe were planning to use a wire to decapitate Exotic. This would be done when Exotic drove by on a four-wheeler at a high speed. 

Exotic continued to share that Lowe has agreed to assist his legal team as they find more “common foes” in the feds as well as Baskin. “Jeff Lowe was videotaping agents,” Exotic stated. “[He] was setting this up. Rehearsing their testimony and fabricating evidence the whole time. [He] has turned it all over to my attorneys.”

Exotic confirmed that he has sworn affidavits from Glover that state he lied to the grand jury. “The feds and Jeff Lowe made him say I did. And he under oath admitted that he and Jeff and Lauren Lowe’s original plan was to kill me. To get the zoo.”