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‘Tiger King 2’ Star Jeff Lowe Opens Up About New Developments Since Season 1

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

Less than 24 hours before the premiere of Tiger King 2 Jeff Lowe is opening up about the new developments in the federal case that resulted in the confiscation of their parks and cats. 

While chatting with TMZ, Jeff and Lauren Lowe spoke about the case, Jeff and Lauren Lowe stated that GW Exotic Animal Park, which they operated out of Oklahoma, will be moved to a new location. Jeff also claimed that he is currently in the process of getting all his animals back from the feds. 

Jeff then stated that the investigation was actually based on allegations brought on by Joe Exotic’s archenemy and Tiger King star Carole Baskin. Jeff proclaimed that the feds are about to drop charges against him. 

The Lowes are planning to go after Baskin, PETA, and others who they believe are responsible for the federal raid. They will be filing lawsuits shortly.

‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Announces He Has Aggressive Form of Prostate Cancer

Earlier his month, Joe Exotic announced he has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. In a statement to CNN, the Tiger King star shared, “It is with a sad face that I have to tell you the doctors called me in today to break the news that my prostate biopsy came back with an aggressive cancer. I am still waiting on the results from other tests as well.”

Exotic then stated that he did not want anyone’s pity about his health condition. He also shared more details about the tests he had done. “The PSA test is a blood test used primarily to screen for prostate cancer. It was high. He finally obtained biopsies. They revealed cancer. Medical care is different in a prison environment and fewer options are available.”

Exotic previously revealed this past summer that while his doctors feared that his cancer already spread to the pelvis and stomach, he was refusing any type of medical treatment if the cancer becomes three or four. “I have been waiting for a colonoscopy and endoscopy since October [2020],” the reality TV star shared at the time. He also said that medical treatment is worse than at any human society for dogs. 

The Tiger King star was arrested in June 2018 on suspicion of hiring two men to murder Big Cat Rescue founder, Carole Baskin. He was convicted of 17 federal charges of animal abuse in 2019 and two counts of attempted murder for hire. He received a 22-year sentence in federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas. Tiger King 2 is set to premiere on Netflix this Wednesday (November 17th).