‘Tiger King’ Alleged Hitman Featured in Netflix Series Reportedly Arrested for DUI

by Matthew Memrick

Sheriff’s deputies arrested reported Netflix Series “Tiger King” hitman Allen Glover on a DUI charge Wednesday in South Carolina.

TMZ.com reported that authorities spotted the 58-year-old Glover driving around 10 pm in a car with a defect. A Beaufort County Sheriff’s deputy suspected Glover was under the influence. The deputy then pulled him over. His arrest came with several charges, including driving on a suspended license and driving with an open container. 

Glover was booked Wednesday night and released Thursday morning. No other information was provided.

For Glover, this was his second DUI. Oklahoma authorities picked him up at a strip club parking lot in June after failing his field sobriety tests. Cops arrested him after he admitted he couldn’t drive.

Past Details About ‘Tiger King’ Alleged Hitman’s Recent DUI

Glover’s past DUI was similarly dramatic to the “Tiger King.”

In a Fox25 report from a 2020 arrest, Glover told an officer he was waiting for the car. Glover said he was waiting to move so he could back out of the parking lot.

The officer noted there was no vehicle behind for the former “Tiger King” show star’s Tahoe.

When asked if, on a scale of 1 to 10 in the police report, Glover had a strange response. The officer said Glover responded, “One to ten, I’m good.”

Next, Glover’s numbers and alphabet test was a bust. The officer asked if he knew his numbers, 1 through 4.

Glover responded,”No, I’ve got like a third-grade education.”

When the officer asked if he knew his ABCs, Glover answered, “No, not that well, I do not.”

Glover was involved in the plot to kill Carole Baskin in the off-the-wall seven-part Netflix series. It documented the story of a very vivid tiger owner named Joe Exotic and his battle with a Florida-based animal activist named Carole Baskin.

‘Tiger King’ Alleged Hitman Part Of Show’s Wild Drama

Both tiger handlers had a history with drama. Baskin’s ex-husband disappeared, Don Lewis, vanished in 1997. Years later in 2002, Lewis was legally declared dead. Entertainment Weekly said authorities investigated his death based on interest from the show.

Oddly, the man answered questions from documentary producers while taking a bath.

The Daily Mail reported that the former Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park handyman landed in prison at 18.

Glover worked for “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic’s Maldonado-Passage. Maldonado-Passage paid Glover to ‘cut off the head’ of rival Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin. Later, Glover said he took $3,000 for the job. Glover eventually decided against killing Baskin.

After three years in a Chickasha, Okla.-jail, Maldonado-Passage recently had his sentence shortened. The U.S. Court of Appeals dropped his 22-year sentence to 17 years based on a technicality.