‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Was Not Consulted on New Series: Here’s Why

by Amanda Glover

In case you didn’t know “Tiger King” fans, no one ever talked to Joe Exotic about the new series, “Joe vs. Carole.”

Back in 2020, the majority of people in the United States spent their days quarantining at home. With not as many options on what to to to pass the time, many of us turned to our favorite series. This also includes hunting for new shows and movies to get into. One of the most popular series releases during what time was “Tiger King.”

A Variety article states that 64 million households tuned into the unique documentary series during its first month. The show focused on Joe Exotic and his bizarre life. The events of his life eventually led to him being arrested and imprisoned. On September 5, 2018, authorities arrested Exotic do to his murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin.

According to an article on Looper, this new upcoming Peacock series is a fictionalized version of everything that happened between the two television personalities. John Cameron Mitchell plays Joe, and Kate McKinnon plays Baskin.

For fictionalized docudramas, filmmakers work to find a balance between portraying the reality of the situation while also amplifying the drama. However, those involved in the project are often consulted regarding the events being portrayed. In the case of “Joe vs. Carole,” Joe’s voice was not requested for the creation of the limited series.

During an interview with Radio Times, John Cameron Mitchell revealed that the production staff advised him to not contact Exotic about the role.

“Production encouraged not to. We also wanted to be impartial. We’re not on Joe or Carole’s side. And you know, he would demand to see the script. It would just be a nightmare,” Mitchell explained.

‘Joe Vs. Carole’ Star John Cameron Mitchell Was Not a Big Fan of ‘Tiger King’

The new Peacock Original Series, “Joe Vs. Carole” tells the story of the “Tiger King” stars’ decade-long feud. While the Netflix docudrama shows Exotic and Carole Baskin living their real lives, this limited fictionalized series works with their own cast. This includes John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic and Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin.

According to Mitchell, he agreed to joining the mini-series because portraying Joe appeared “really fun in a challenging and fun way.”

But surprisingly, Mitchell revealed to Entertainment Weekly during an interview why he didn’t really like “Tiger King.” He claimed that the script for “Joe vs. Carole” showed empathy for Joe, unlike “Tiger King.” Mitchell states that viewers of the upcoming drama will likely sympathize with Exotic as well as Carole.

“There’s something about him that I actually couldn’t really bear to watch the whole thing at first, because it was like, everyone’s behaving so badly,” he explained. “The docuseries I found a bit sensational. It was certainly riveting, but it was docking. It wasn’t trying to go deep.”

Get ready, Outsiders! “Joe vs. Carole” premieres tomorrow, March 3, on Peacock.