Tim Allen’s 1994 Christmas Film ‘The Santa Clause’: Facts You Didn’t Know About The Holiday Hit

by Katie Maloney

We bet you didn’t know these interesting facts about Tim Allen and The Santa Clause.

The 1994 film, starring Tim Allen, is still trending during the holidays 26 years after its release. But did you know that the film almost didn’t star Tim Allen? That’s right, producers were originally hesitant to cast the actor because they weren’t sure if he could draw crowds as a lead in a film. During a podcast interview, the film’s director, John Pasquin, said that Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, and Bill Murray were all considered for the lead role.

If you think that’s interesting, grab some cocoa and keep reading! We’re listing 10 interesting facts about The Santa Clause that you can use to impress your family during your next holiday movie night.

Tim Allen with a doll in his hand, standing next to a Christmas tree in a scene from the film ‘The Santa Clause’, 1994. (Photo by Walt Disney Pictures/Getty Images)

Top 10 Facts About Tim Allen And The Santa Clause

1.) The movie’s original script was pretty dark. During one of the beginning scenes, Scott originally shot Santa Claus after thinking he was a robber.

2.) Patricia Clarkson, who plays Tim Allen’s wife Home Improvement, was considered for the role of Laura, Scott’s (Tim Allen) ex-wife in the film. But Wendy Crewson was cast for the part instead.

3.) The production team held open auditions in 13 different cities before finding Eric Lloyd to play Charlie. The Casting Director said that they wanted a child actor between the ages of six and nine “who had sensitivity. Able to really access those emotions, but have a real innocence about him.”

4.) The movie’s original name was, Such a Clatter.

5.) Eric Lloyd wore fake teeth while filming because his front teeth were knocked out while attending a baseball game with his family.

6.) One actor makes an appearance in three of the Santa Clause films – but as different characters. Peter Boyle plays Scott’s (Tim Allen) boss in the first film but stars in the next two movies as a different character – Father Time. 

Tim Allen with Paige Tamada as an Elf in a scene from the film ‘The Santa Clause’, 1994. (Photo by Walt Disney Pictures/Getty Images)

7.)  Tim Allen had to re-record many of his lines because the bells on the Santa suit that he wore while filming were too noisy. “I ADRed [Automatic Dialog Replacement] most of that film because people [said], ‘What’s all that ringing?’ And it was me walking,” said Allen.

8.) Producers had to remove a line and re-release the film. During one of the scenes, Scott makes a joke about calling “1-800-SPANK-ME.” Filmmakers didn’t realize that the number was an actual phone number for a sex line. After receiving complaints about children calling the number, Disney decided to cut the line from the movie.

9.) Although the film is set during winter, the cast filmed the movie during the middle of the summer. It took 4-5 hours of makeup/prosthetic applications to transform Tim Allen into Santa. Additionally, Allen and members of the crew spent two hours, every day, removing all the makeup off.

10.) During its opening weekend, The Santa Clause made $19 million, almost the same amount as the film’s total budget.