Tim Allen’s 2017 Ford GT Could Be Yours for a Massive Sum

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

There are a handful of celebrities that are true car fanatics. Tim Allen has had his collection documented in the past and now a piece could be yours. For a collector like Allen, even great cars like this 2017 Ford GT need to move to make room for something new.

Over on Bring a Trailer, a user by the name of Conny put up the GT claiming that it belongs to the actor. Perhaps it is Tim Allen himself, but there is no way to know. It has Ingot-Silver paint and under the hood features a 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. This car has not been driven often, it comes with just 700 miles.

The photos are great and show off the inside and out of the vehicle. Inside is a very dark, black interior. It looks like a spaceship but there is a simple display in the middle of the dash. It is a beautiful car, and someone is going to be lucky enough to own it soon. On the outside, the car is finished with carbon fiber accents as well as clean-looking headlights and taillights. There isn’t much not to like about this car.

So, of course, it has caught a lot of attention already. There has been a lot of general interest, just folks admiring the car, but also serious buying interest. Currently, the highest bid has reached over one million dollars. There is over a week to go before for those wanting to bid, so there is no telling how high it will go. One thing is for certain, Tim Allen is going to have plenty to spend on a new car.

Tim Allen Has Many Talents, According to Mike Rowe

Clearly, Tim Allen has many interests. His car collection is just one example of his interests. Of course, there is his long career in film and comedy. As the star of Last Man Standing Allen has worked with Mike Rowe on an episode. The two have a lot in common. Rowe says the actor has many talents.

“I’m so impressed by how you’ve carved out your world,” Rowe said of Allen. “You’re a stand-up, you’re an actor, you’re a philosopher, you’re a mechanic of sorts. But you’ve figured it out. And I’ve tried to do something similar in a slightly different way. But the truth is, I loved that experience.”

While Tim Allen and Rowe aren’t working together on Last Man Standing many fans and even the star of the show himself wish that the Dirty Jobs host would take a role on the sitcom. However, in their time working together, Rowe admired Allen’s work.

“Maybe it’s just me, but Tim still seems a little incredulous that I didn’t return to Last Man Standing to finish what I started,” Rowe says. Perhaps he will be convinced to do another episode sometime in the future.