Tim Allen Asks Fans for Input on Upholstery in New Crown Vic Restoration Video Update

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary funnyman and entertainer Tim Allen wants to hear your thoughts on his most recent classic car restoration project.

More specifically, Tim Allen is asking for upholstery opinions for his latest restoration job. Allen calls his project “The Vik” and it has him completely restoring an older model Crown Victoria. It is far from the actor and comedian’s first classic car rebuild as he quite the collection of cars. He has described rebuilding classic cars as his passion and dedicates a lot of his free time to the activity. It certainly seems to bring the former “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” star a good bit of joy.

Tim Allen finds himself with a little extra free time these days as he is in-between shows at the moment. “Last Man Standing” wrapped up its final season earlier this year, saying goodbye to television in May. His latest project, “Assembly Required” has yet to officially be renewed for a second season, although that could come late. The reality building competition just completed its first season and airs on the History Channel.

So with no current filming obligations, Tim Allen is getting to business with his favorite hobby. He took to social media to provide an update on the restoration project. He also asks his fans’ thoughts on what the upholstery should look like.

“Now, what should the upholstery look like?” Tim Allen asks his massive fan base.

Tim Allen Provides Update on Restoration Project

The 16-minutes video gives an update on the progress being made toward completing The Vik. The mechanic overseeing the project shows the viewers what the inside of the vehicle currently looks like. He also talks about the seat installation and the next steps toward completing the interior of the Crown Victoria. It is quite impressive to see the work being done to completely restore this classic car. There isn’t an exact time frame for when the car might be done, but it is safe to say that Tim Allen is eager to get behind the wheel.

Tim Allen fans were quick to offer up their take on what the upholstery should look like. Black and Taupe each received votes for the interior with red also being a popular choice.

“I would recommend the original upholstery,” a fan writes in the comments. The original charm should not be completely gone.”

Some Tim Allen fans just want to know when he will be back on television.

“I sure miss ‘Last Man Standing,” another fan tweets. “I hope you have something great going on in the near future.”

That is a sentiment that a lot of Tim Allen fans share, especially us here at Outsider.

In the meantime, Allen will be making his return to standup comedy. It’s only fitting her return to his roots as standup is what got him going in the entertainment business.