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Tim Allen Asks Where the ‘Toolman’ Is in Stylish Black and White Photo

by Jennifer Shea
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Actor and comedian Tim Allen, a.k.a. Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor, has been on the go lately. And he’s asking fans to name the spot where he took a stunning black-and-white picture of the New York City skyline.

“Wonder where the Toolman is in this photo?” Allen tweeted Monday. “Hint: newest attraction in NYC.”

Tim Allen Fans Compete to Guess the Location

Allen’s fans quickly jumped into his replies to comment. Many admired the photo, but few hazarded a guess as to where it was taken.

“I got this,” one tweep posted. “A very tall building in NYC?”

“In the World Trade Tower (looking for King Kong climbing to come at you),” another guessed. “Very cool picture.”

“The Summit at Vanderbilt!” yet another chimed in.

“One Vanderbilt,” another fan guessed.

The Summit One Vanderbilt sits in the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. The installation aims to make visitors question both their perceptions of built environments and their own senses. And to get there, you have to take the building’s elevator system, which is the highest rack-and-pinion elevator in the world.

A Buzz Lightyear Story Without Allen?

Tim Allen fans were in an uproar recently over what they say is a poor casting decision. Hard as it may be for Toy Story fans to imagine, Disney Pixar is rolling out a film about Buzz Lightyear that doesn’t include Allen’s voice. As Forbes notes, the movie, which is due out next year, will feature Chris Evans as the voice of Buzz Lightyear instead.

The snub has fueled speculation that Allen was swapped out because of his political leanings. Evans, a very outspoken liberal, was thrilled to land the role, tweeting, “To @pixar and @AngusMacLane: ‘Thank you’ doesn’t even come close.”

Social media users on both sides of the political spectrum reacted to the news, with some celebrating and others shaking their heads at the choice. Meanwhile, TMZ asked, “Was Tim Allen recast just because of his conservative politics???”

But the film’s defenders point out that there is a subtle difference between the characters. Allen played the action figure; Evans plays the person on which the action figure was based.

Then again, it’s possible Allen didn’t want to be involved. The decision to make a movie about Buzz Lightyear is arguably in keeping with Hollywood’s recent trend toward derivative sequels. And 2021 box office sales are down 81 percent compared to pre-pandemic years. Even before the pandemic, box office sales were slumping, weighed down by the rise of streaming. Could be Allen just has better things to do with his time.