Tim Allen on Bible Verse That ‘Showed Up’ While Pondering Life: ‘There Are No Coincidences’

by Chris Haney

On Sunday afternoon, actor Tim Allen was in deep thought as he pondered life’s ups and downs and came across a pertinent Bible verse.

The Last Man Standing star said he’s wondered about the rollercoaster that is life since he was a child. No matter who you are, everyone has good and bad days; both negative and positive experiences. Some may have better days than others, but life fluctuates, and no one is immune to that.

This has weighed on Tim Allen for almost his entire life. Additionally, the former Home Improvement star stumbled upon a bible verse today that helped him find a bit of peace with the issue. Ecclesiastes 7:14 seemed to be a lightbulb moment for the actor. In fact, Allen said he doesn’t believe in coincidences, and made sure to share the calming verse with his 558,000 Twitter followers.

“Been questioning life’s up and down moments since I was a kid. This showed up today. There are no coincidences,” Tim Allen tweeted along with the bible verse.

Tim Allen Feels ‘Grateful,’ Been Sober Nearly 23 Years

Recently, Tim Allen has done quite a bit of reflection on life, including on his troubled past. During an appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast earlier this month, the actor opened up about his time in jail, getting sober, and being thankful about where he’s at in life these days.

While in college, police arrested Allen with more than a pound of cocaine at Michigan‘s Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. The 23-year-old pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and spent the next two years and four months in a federal prison.

“We were a bunch of college kids — a bunch of the kids who overdid it,” Allen explained. “Two of us took [the punishment] for about 20 guys.”

Allen said he adjusted to prison after eight months or so. In addition, he claims that his jail time left him better off upon his release. However, he continued to drink and looks back on certain times with regret. For example, the time he got blackout drunk and decided to drive his vehicle.

“I look back on those things, this is sober guy stuff, I had so much shame at the things that I did … especially driving people around,” he said. “Coming from a dad that was killed that way, it’s difficult to get past it.”

23 years on and Allen has managed to maintain his sobriety. After serving out his sentence in jail, Allen’s goals eventually became a reality. He went on to star in multiple hit television shows and movies, and became a bona fide film star in the ’90s. He starred in the Toy Story series, The Santa ClauseGalaxy Quest, and many more fan favorites.

These days, Tim Allen says he feels “grateful” for the way his life has played out.

“I love my life. I’m not any more mentally stable, I have the same issues I had,” Allen admits. “Now, I can’t hide from them.”