Tim Allen Calls ‘Last Man Standing’ Final Season ‘Horrible’ and Emotional

by Thad Mitchell

Comedy star and “Last Man Standing” lead actor Tim Allen is preparing to bid farewell to the long-running hit sitcom.

The show, which has proved to be a mega hit with television viewers, will begin its ninth and final season tomorrow (Sunday). The ever popular sitcom hit the screen in 2011 on ABC before the network canceled the show after six season’s. Competing network Fox thought enough of the show to give it three more season before putting it out to pasture.

Late last year, Fox announced the hit series would return for just one more season. While fans of the show were disappointed the show was ending, many were excited that they would get one more season of the hilarious sitcom.

“Last Man Standing” features the former “Home Improvement” star in the lead role of Mike Baxter. The show’s premise is built around Allen’s character navigating around a home filled with women. Baxter’s wife and three daughters shower him love but also provide the obstacles Baxter must overcome as the “man of the house.”

Tim Allen, Castmates Preparing for End of ‘Last Man Standing’

Now 67-years-old, Allen says filming the final season has been filled with emotion for the whole cast. He recently told Fox News, that the conclusion of the show is bittersweet and hopes it is one fans can be proud of. He says arriving daily at the set is a “horrible” feeling, knowing that he and his costars are a day closer to the end.

“I thought it would be a good idea,” he says. “It was a terrible idea.”

Nancy Travis, who plays the part of Baxter’s wife, says their have been some not-so-dry eyes during filming. She also discussed some small details of the final season’s plot lines.

“Just the everyday things that you ponder and wonder about,” she proclaims. “The girls are grown now and they come in and out of our lives and we have grandchildren.”

The show’s final season will begin on Sunday, Jan. 3, at 9:30 p.m. ET