Tim Allen Cracks Hilarious Joke About His ‘Egos’ on ‘Last Man Standing’

by Quentin Blount

Comedian and actor Tim Allen took to social media on Thursday evening to make a wisecrack to his followers about his egos on Last Man Standing.

The lead actor in Last Man Standing and star of the popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement is frequently active on Twitter and that was the case yet again on Thursday evening. Allen shared a picture with his fans and followers that shows him holding a laptop showing an interaction between the two different Tim Allen characters.

“I know hard to believe three egos that big fit on your screen right?” Allen wrote on Twitter. “Well tonite the Toolman is back to mess with you, me and me. #LastManStanding”

We, on the other hand, are here for all the Tim Allen we can get.

Allen, who had plenty of success starring as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in Home Improvement, recently honored his Home Improvement character in a special visit during the last season of Last Man Standing.

That’s right, we will be seeing Tim Allen’s double in the second episode of Last Man Standing airing on Jan. 7. The crossover will see Allen playing opposite himself as his Last Man Standing character Mike Baxter will come face to face with his doppelganger.

It’s an incredibly great tribute and touching interaction between Mike Baxter, Allen’s Last Man Standing character and Taylor.

One Episode, Twice as Much Tim Allen

Allen is once again putting on the tool belt for the first time in nearly two decades. Between 1990 and 1999, Allen starred as Taylor in the uber-successful sitcom.

The show no doubt holds a special place in Allen’s heart. The star comedian and actor has made various references to the show with his newest sitcom venture. For example, at one point Allen’s character gets dinged by his wife Vannessa, “you and your home improvement.”

In addition, Allen’s Home Improvement son, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, has made a multi-episode guest appearance on Last Man Standing.

Now with the show in its last season, Allen is bringing his two sitcom worlds together for the first time. The crossover will happen during the show’s Season Nine premiere “Dual Time.” The Baxters hire Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor for a job only he can fix. But the couple soon realizes Mike may have a doppelgänger.

However, fans of Last Man Standing might be confused as the show isn’t picking up where it left off. The ninth and final season will feature a time jump to the year 2023. But producers are letting slip how the Baxter family managed in 2020 and the challenges that lay ahead.

Producers of the show say they wanted to avoid having to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and awful events of 2020.