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Tim Allen Cracks Hysterical Joke About How He Learned to Put Back Together His Vintage Car

by Thad Mitchell
(Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Legendary funny man Tim Allen has made a long and successful career out making people laugh out loud. Whether it was on “Home Improvement” or “The Santa Clause” movies, the 67-year-old actor is one of the best in the comedy business.

Nowadays, he often uses social media to turn on the humor and draw laughter from his fans and followers. He uses social media as a tool to reach and engage his robust fan base with the outrageousness we have come to expect from the actor.

If you didn’t already know, Tim Allen is a huge fan of classic cars and owns several of them himself. He also enjoys taking on complex project like restoring old hot rods or rebuilding the body of a classic car. On Wednesday, he brought both of his well-known talents to twitter to share an update on his latest classic car project and provide us with a daily laugh. In the update post, he says progress is being made on the project that he refers to as “The Vik.” Per usual, he makes a hilarious comparison of putting the car back together to putting furniture items together.

“The process of putting it back together is just as important,” he says of his most recent project. “I learned that putting together my kids Ikea furniture. I still don’t know that screw goes.”

Allen is documenting his build on social media so his fans can follow along with his process.

While he is obviously making a funny joke, it is easy to get the comparison between the two complex activities. You’re unlikely to come across an adult that has not been in a struggle while putting children’s items together.

Tim Allen Owns Impressive Classic Car Collection

“The Vik” is the name of Allen’s 1934 Ford Victoria that he is currently building. Allen’s classic car collection is the stuff of legends and would put to shame most other classic car collections. He owns a 1946 Ford Convertible, a 1933 Ford Roadster, a 1962 Chevrolet 409 Bel Air and a 1956 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup. Those are only a few of his prized pieces currently sitting in his impressive collection of classic cars.

Allen is also in the process of saying goodbye to one of his all time favorite characters, Mike Baxter. He plays the lead role of Baxter in the hit comedy series “Last Man Standing.” The show is currently airing its final season with the series conclusion on the horizon. Allen says Baxter is one of the many characters he’s played over that he really relates with.