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Tim Allen Delivers Commencement Speech at Hillsdale College: ‘I Was Never a Very Good Student’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

If you graduated college, there’s a good chance you remember the commencement speech. Depending on your alma mater, you could have had a really great and inspiring speaker. On the other hand, it could have felt like one more lecture to sit through before finally finishing school and moving on to a new life. There’s a good chance that you didn’t have someone as cool as Tim Allen giving the big speech as you began your new life.

However, the Hillsdale College class of 2021 had that honor. The private Michigan-based university tapped Tim Allen to send their graduates out into the world. It makes sense that he would do so. Allen is a Michigan native. He has also been the voice of the state’s tourism ads for years. At the same time, Hillsdale teaches conservative Western values. Allen is a vocal proponent of the same values. So, he fit like a glove behind that lectern.

Fans know Tim Allen for his movie and TV roles. Over the course of his career, he has stepped into some of the most entertaining characters in recent memory. Home Improvement and Last Man Standing wouldn’t have been the same without him. If Santa is real, I hope he is just like Allen. However, Allen started his career as a stand-up comedian. Even in a serious setting, he let his comedic roots shine. He both inspired and entertained the Hillsdale class of 2021.

Tim Allen didn’t step on to that stage to brag or to make people laugh. Instead, he had an honest talk about values, his career, and his path to fame with the students gathered before him. At one point, he talked about his academic career.

Tim Allen Wasn’t A Good Student

First, Tim Allen talked about his high school years. He told the Hillsdale grads that he was a geek in high school. However, when he attends high school reunions, he finds that he and the other geeks are the successful ones. He threw a few barbs at those who peaked in high school. Then, went on to talk about his personal academic journey.

“I was never a very good student. School got in the way of goofing around,” Tim Allen confided. “I was sent to the principal’s office, I can’t tell you how many times, for being a disruption in class. Now, I didn’t look at it that way. I was funnier than the teacher.”

Tim Allen went on to say that, looking back, his favorite teachers were the ones he hated at the time. For instance, he claimed to be an Anarchist in high school. He didn’t believe in the United States government. His English teacher didn’t care about his beliefs. She just wanted him to clearly state his position. She didn’t want to teach him what to think. Instead, she wanted him to learn how to express his thoughts.

It was teachers like that that helped him become the man he is today.