Tim Allen Dons Epic Prop from Superhero Film from ‘a Long Time Ago’ After a ‘Neighbor Kid’s Reminder

by Leanne Stahulak

You might recognize actor Tim Allen from any number of roles over the years. Mike Baxter, Tim Taylor, Santa Clause, Buzz Lightyear. But did you know he once played a superhero?

That’s right, Outsiders. Fifteen years ago, Tim Allen starred alongside Courtney Cox in the kids’ superhero movie, “Zoom.” And now, he wants to remind fans of that little fact with this recent throwback.

On his Twitter page, Allen posted a selfie of him wearing his old superhero costume from the film. As “Captain Zoom,” Allen’s character could run around at supersonic high speeds, made easier by the aerodynamic-looking helmet he sports in the pic.

“Some neighbor kid reminded me I was ‘ a super fast superhero.’ Well it was a long time ago…ZOOM!” Tim Allen captioned the post.

Glad to see this “neighbor kid” recognizing one of Allen’s more underappreciated roles. While the film did objectively badly in the box office and with critics, it was still a fun romp for kids and families.

In the film, Tim Allen stars as Captain Zoom or just Jack, a washed-up superhero who retired early. But he quickly gets back into crime-fighting and world-saving mode when a scientist (Courtney Cox) begs him to become a teacher at this superhero academy. He eventually trains up the next generation of heroes and recovers some of his own heroicness along the way.

In response to the post, several fans remembered how much they loved watching the film with their kids back in 2006. Others said he looked like the Green Power Ranger. And one fan admitted that Tim Allen will always be heroic to them.

“You are a superhero to many Tim. Your movies and tv series are incredible and fun to watch,” Twitter user Gene Caporale wrote.

Tim Allen Fans Disappointed He Didn’t Get an Emmy Nomination

When “Last Man Standing” dropped its final episode this past spring, fans were devastated to say goodbye to the popular series. But now, they’re angry that Tim Allen won’t have another chance to win an Emmy award for his role as Mike Baxter on the show.

Apparently, he at least received a Primetime Emmy nomination way back when for his role on “Home Improvement.” And though “Last Man Standing” has done extraordinarily well these last few years with Allen at the helm, it wasn’t enough to snag him a spot on the nominee list.

In fact, “Last Man Standing” only has one Emmy nomination to its name total. And that wasn’t for any kind of acting recognition, but for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series. The Academy sadly didn’t recognize Tim Allen’s talents. At this point, we can only hope one of his future roles gets him the recognition he deserves.