Tim Allen Engages Fans in ‘Shared Thought Experiment’ That Has Social Media Puzzled

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary comedian and actor Tim Allen would like you to participate in a little social experiment the former “Last Man Standing” actor has cooked up.

Tim Allen is asking his friends and social media followers to play a little game. On Wednesday, Allen shared a post on his Twitter account encouraging his followers to guess what he’s imagining.

The “Home Improvement” star calls the exercise a “shared thought experiment.” In his tweet, Tim Allen says he is thinking of an object and wants everyone to guess what it is. He gives very few details about the object he is imagining making it a difficult assignment for those playing along. Clearly, that is kind of the point of this mental test as Allen seeks to interact with his fans.

After giving few clues about what the object on his mind is, he promises the reveal at a later date. Here is Tim Allen’s Wednesday post — feel free to play along if you like.

“Shared thought experiment: I wrote down on a piece of green post-it paper a word that is an object,” he says. “I now imagine that object in a 6 x 6-inch square black box. Thursday at 8 p.m. CT I will tweet what it is. Relax and tweet what comes to mind. And it’s not Wilson’s hat. Just an experiment.”


Twitter Sounds Off on Tim Allen’s Riddle

Tim Allen poses an interesting mental exercise or “thought experiment” as he calls it. Several of his fans and social media followers were up to the task as the tweet collected will over 500 comments in under an hour. The most popular replies were small hand-held tools like a hammer or a wrench. Whatever it is, Tim Allen has managed to create some suspense as fans are dying to know what he put inside that little black box inside his mind.

It makes the most sense that the item would be a tool given Tim Allen’s experience as a bumbling tool expert on “Home Improvement” years ago. The sitcom hit it big in the ’90s making Allen, with his side-splitting humor, a household name.

On the show, Tim Allen plays Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Along with his partner, Al Borland, Taylor hosts the fictional do-it-yourself show “Tool Time,” where he tries to put “more power” into ordinary tools. Borland is played by Richard Karn, who is reunited with Tim Allen in the new reality competition show “Assembly Required.”

Currently, Tim Allen seemingly finds himself with plenty of downtime for social media experiments. He isn’t currently filming a show for the first time in a long time. “Assembly Required” has yet to be renewed for a second season and “Last Man Standing” came to an end earlier this year.

Recently, Allen got back into standup comedy. Perhaps it is a microphone inside his mind box. We’ll all find out tomorrow night.