Tim Allen Gives Jaw-Dropping Tour of Private Garage Featuring Classic and Custom Rides

by Josh Lanier

If you’ve ever wondered what a gearhead with near-endless amounts of money would buy, check out Tim Allen’s garage. He gave the Petersen Automotive Museum a tour of his massive car collection recently. And it is brimming with classic cars, futuristic rides, and one-of-a-kind gems.

Some of the cars he shows off in the video include a 72 Bronco, 71 VW, Volvo P1800, F100 built by McLaren, LT5 Impala, Chevy 409 Bubble Top, Ferrari 330 GTC, Pontiac GTO Ram Air 4, Studebaker Sleeper Cab, Ford RS200, Mustang GT350R, Ford GT, a Shelby Cobra, and many, many more. And that’s just part one of the tour.

Allen’s garage may look familiar to anyone who’s seen his new History Channel show Assembly Required. They’ve used it as a recording studio for production during COVID-19.

The warehouse is massive. Allen said the building was an old printing press, which can be as big as a city block. He wanted to turn into a film and TV studio. What he wasn’t told was the building is directly beneath the flight path of jets leaving the Burbank airport. The noise makes filming incredibly difficult. So, he scrapped those plans and created the garage of his dreams.

The garage also includes the original Home Improvement sign, as well. That show was so popular in the 1990s that Allen had two identical Chevy Impala’s made. That way, when leaving set he could send one car in the opposite direction to distract the paparazzi.

‘Last Man Standing’ Truck in Tim Allen’s Garage

Fans of Tim Allen’s soon-to-end sitcom Last Man Standing know the old green truck that his character kept in the garage. Allen has the 1956 Ford F-100 is back home in Allen’s real garage.

Allen tweeted a photo of the truck in its new location. It’s a sad reminder for fans that the show is coming to an end, but a boon for Allen. It’s a beautiful ride that Allen says he still drives from time-to-time.

“And my truck leaves after so many years in this home to it’s (sic) old home in my car shop,” Tim Allen shared on Twitter Tuesday evening. A photo of the truck was shared with the actor’s comments.