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Tim Allen’s ‘Home Improvement’ Salary: See How Much He Made Per Episode

by Jon D. B.
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Ready for a shock, Tim Allen fans? The star’s ‘Home Improvement’ salary has been revealed, and the staggering number places him as the fifth-highest paid TV actor in television history.

American icon Tim Allen is Hollywood comedy royalty. Such a status has earned him far more than critical acclaim (and his share of troubles), too. Entertainment financial trade Celebrity Net Worth is shocking Tim Allen followers by announcing his total net worth – alongside the incredible salaries he’s earned for his most noteworthy projects. Among them? 90’s sitcom classic: “Home Improvement.”

In total, Tim Allen holds a net worth of an incredible $100 million. This puts Allen (67) in the same ballpark as other comedy icons like Steve Martin, with the 75-year-old legend’s net worth at a comparative $140 million.

Such an incredible number would’ve never been possible without his big break from “Home Improvement,” either. The show, which went on-air in 1991, catapulted Tim Allen to a household name. The Disney-backed show would set Allen on a trajectory toward superstardom, with his own Wind Dancer Productions producing his move to television from standup comedy.

So how much did the man himself make for leading “Home Improvement”? At his peak starring on the show, Tim Allen earned an unbelievable $1.25 million per episode. In the nineties. Adjusting for inflation, this is roughly $2 million per episode by today’s standards. Remarkably – with or without inflation – this firmly places Tim Allen as the fifth-highest paid TV actor in television history in terms of per-episode salary.

Tim Allen’s ‘Toy Story’ & ‘Last Man Standing’ Salaries Also Revealed

In addition, Celebrity Net Worth has revealed Allen’s salaries for other big-name projects, as well. His current sitcom, “Last Man Standing”, while a 9-season hit, earns him a fraction of his “Home Improvement” salary. The star earns $235,000 per episode for “Last Man”.

Ironically, this dwarfs the amount he infamously earned for Disney’s original “Toy Story” – a mere $50,000. With the massive success of his first venture as Buzz Lightyear, Tim Allen would see an astounding pay-bump for “Toy Story 2” – for which he took home a whopping $5 million.

“Other notable salaries include $2 million for Galaxy Quest and $12 million for Joe Somebody,” CNW adds.

All of this plays heavily into the current $100 million net worth of Tim Allen. While an incredible achievement, it comes as a fraction of his Toy Story co-star Tom Hanks‘ (64) net worth, however, which sets at a staggering $400 million. Though, to be fair, it is Tom Hanks we’re talking about.

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