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Tim Allen Honors ‘Incredible’ Service Member He Met at Edwards Air Force Base

by Chris Haney
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

On Wednesday evening, Last Man Standing star Tim Allen honored an “incredible” service member on social media after his recent military base visit.

In the last few days, Allen and his pal Jay Leno filmed a project together at Edwards Air Force base. The former Home Improvement actor has enjoyed his time around all of the Air Force’s airplanes and jets. Additionally, Allen already complimented the men and women at the military base, but one obviously stood out.

Tim Allen shared an official Air Force portrait of Col. Randel J. Gordon with his more than 558,000 Twitter followers. From reading Allen’s post, you can tell how impressed he was with the colonel. Everyone knows how obsessed the actor is with cars, planes, and any other type of machinery. Therefore, it sounds like Allen’s inner child came out around all of the military aircraft, and Gordon was right there to answer all his burning questions.

“Met an incredible man at Edwards Air Force base. His intellect, experience and sense of humor. Answered barrage of questions I had on aircraft I loved as a kid and amazed at as an adult. We are so lucky such people serve this country. Col RANDEL J. GORDON,” Tim Allen said about Col. Gordon.

Tim Allen Gives Sneak Peek of Unknown Project With Jay Leno

On Tuesday, Tim Allen revealed that he and Jay Leno were working on a show together. He didn’t give much away with his Twitter post, but he did share a photo from an airplane hangar on Edwards Air Force base.

The two friends have worked together numerous times. Recently, Leno had a guest role on Allen’s show Last Man Standing. In addition, Allen has been a guest on the Tonight Show multiple times. He was also his guest on Jay Leno’s Garage.

The Santa Clause actor posted a picture from the hangar with two Air Force jets in view. Allen shared that he was “in heaven” being around the incredible aircrafts. Similar to his comments about Col. Gordon, he called the Air Force personnel on base “truly inspiring.”

“Doing a show with pal of mine Jay Leno at Edward’s Air Force base,” Tim Allen wrote on Twitter. “I am in heaven in the company of machines men and women who are truly inspiring.”

Leno and Allen are both well-known for being gearheads. Their passion for all things automobiles and anything else with an engine is clear in their body of work. Each of the men have intertwined their love for machines with the majority of their roles on television. That trend will likely continue with Tim Allen and Jay Leno’s upcoming project.