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Tim Allen is Inching Closer to Driving His Restoration Project ‘Crown Vik’

by Keeli Parkey
(Tony Rivetti/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) TIM ALLEN

Television star Tim Allen is rolling along these days. And, one project that is capturing a lot of his attention is the restoration of a very popular automobile model that he owns. And, he loving refers to this vehicle as “Vik.”

That automobile model is a Crown Victoria. And, the famous actor has shared yet another social media update about the progress of his pet restoration project. The latest post includes a brief caption and a video of the work.

Unfortunately, the video opens with a bit of bad news on the restoration front. That news is shared by a man who has been diligently working on the restoration project.

“Got a little bit of bad news, some things,” Bodie said. “But, you know, it’s alright. It’s par for the course. Uh, I gotta to remove the whole pedal – brake pedal, clutch pedal – assembly again and I gotta rework it. Because I was under the understanding that they needed three inches of room from the dash to the brake pedals. They now need for because of the control panel that has to bolt to the back of the gages for all the extra s***. … I think I know what I’m gonna do. …”

One of the factors that is making this project for Tim Allen so complicated is that it is a custom build. So, the workers are having to adjust on the fly as obstacles arise – just like the issue with the pedals. Bodie and company have their work cut out for them, but they’ve got it under control.

However, once it is completed, Tim Allen’s “Vik” should really be something to behold indeed. It will be great to see the finished project!

Fans Share Their Love for Tim Allen’s “Vik” Project

In response to the 12-minute video shared by Tim Allen of his “Vik” project, fans also shared their thoughts and feelings on YouTube.

“When you see the amount of work that goes into building a custom car like this you can begin to understand why the owners are soooooo protective of their cars at car shows when touchy/feely people are around. When you see the sign that says ‘LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH’!, the owners mean it,” one fan shared.

“So excited!! We’re getting closer to completion!! I hope there’s a live YouTube feed for the big reveal!!” another said.

“May be one of your longest videos, but also one of the best. What Bodie is doing stopped being restoration and has turned into a work of Technical Art. Timmy should like it, if not, just bring it to me,” another shared.

You can watch the full April 28th update of Tim Allen’s “Crown Vik” restoration below. The video was also posted to YouTube.