Tim Allen Jokes He’s Too Distracted by Social Media to Read ‘Last Man Standing’ Lines in Selfie

by Jon D. B.

Tim Allen wears his sense of humor on his sleeve. The latest image of the “Last Man Standing” star comes straight from the set of the final season, with the comedy icon all masked up amidst filming Season 9.

“Maybe I should look at my lines and stop tweeting,” the star lampoons on Twitter. Sporting a mask and his personal glasses, Allen takes the selfie from his home set on “Last Man Standing.”

The show, which has proven a smash hit for Tim Allen fans and for Fox, is currently filming its farewell season. While many are beyond sad to see the show go, 9 seasons is a tremendous run for any sitcom. “Last Man Standing” will long be remembered for Allen’s triumphant return as a television leading man, alongside meeting the political turmoil of its era head-on with comedy.

It’s sad to think the lines Allen is “distracted” from on set will be some of his last on the show. Thankfully, however, fans of Mike Baxter won’t have to miss the actor for long.

Tim Allen Will Return With “Assembly Required”

If “Last Man Standing” has proven anything, it’s that television audiences are as hungry for Tim Allen now as they were during his “Home Improvement” heyday. As a result, the star had no problems securing his next gig.

When “Last Man” wraps, Allen will reunite with longtime “Home Improvement” co-star and friend, Richard Karn for “Assembly Required.” In his own words, Allen describes the show as the result of his aspirations.

“I’ve always admired people who repair something instead of replace it,” he tweeted upon the show’s announcement. “So, I created a competition show with HISTORY [channel] and my old buddy [Richard Karn], to challenge the people who love to get stuff done!”

The two are executive producing the “fix-it” show together for History Channel. According to UPI.com, the show is a competition reality series that will “showcase builders from across the U.S.”

 Home Improvement co-stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn are teaming up again to star in a new competition series on History, titled Assembly Required.

Assembly Required will showcase builders from across the United States as they compete against each other and rebuild everyday household items. Contestants will also [be] building the items back better.


Tool-Man Forever

For his part, Allen seems as excited for “Assembly Required” as he was for “Last Man Standing”‘s return, too. His previous tweet before the selfie above asked his followers “What was the last thing you #built or #rebuilt ?” An avid car collector and fix-it man himself, Allen shares footage of his recent Vik build:

Are you as excited for the last episodes of “Last Man Standing” and the premiere of “Assembly Required” as we are? Stay tuned to Outsider.com for all the latest on both.

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