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Tim Allen Mourns Death of ‘Santa Clause’ Costar Art LaFleur in Touching Tribute

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

Known for his roles in Sandlot and Field of Dreams, actor Art LaFleur sadly passed away on November 16. Talking about his admiration and respect for LaFleur, Tim Allen honored the late actor with a touching tribute.

Besides the before-mentioned roles, you may remember LaFleur as “The Molinator” in Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause movies. Though a minor role in the second and third movies, LaFleur clearly made a favorable impression on Allen. Tim even references this in his Twitter tribute, signing off the post as “Santa.”

“The Molinator Art LaFleur passed last Wednesday,” Allen said in his post. “This man a kind and gifted actor, husband and father Peace to you our beloved tooth fairy. And prayers to your family. Santa.”

Allen’s followers clearly share his sentiments, as almost all of them talk about him being in their favorite childhood movies. “My family and I watched ‘The Santa Clause 2’ just last night, so that was stunning to see today. But mostly remember Art for his takes on baseball ghosts,” said one user, referencing his role in Field of Dreams. “Whether he wanted to rename himself as “Plaque Man,” “Capt. Floss,” or “Roy,” we shall miss you, Art LaFleur, our Tooth Fairy/“Molinator.” #TheSantaClause2,” wrote another.

Art LaFleur passed away on November 16 after a 10-year battle with Parkinson’s disease. At the very least, his wife Shelley told TMZ he was surrounded by family members when it happened. She also said he kept a sunny disposition, making jokes and causing people to laugh mere days before he died.

Though his last role was in 2017, he has a storied resume and enriched our lives with great childhood movies.

Social Media Tributes Pour in for Art LaFleur Following his Death

Tim Allen is far from the only one voicing his discontent at Art LaFleur passing away recently. After news of his death circulated, support and tributes have been pouring in for him and his family.

Naturally, one of the first accounts to post condolences was an official Field of Dreams movie site social media account. “It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to actor Art LaFleur, who played Chick Gandil in Field of Dreams. Another legend joins the corn. Our condolences go out to Art’s family and friends. #dreamnation,” the account posted.

Another tribute comes from Omar Leyva, who worked with him in the movie Illegal. Speaking about their work together, Leyva stated “Rest in peace #ArtLaFleur. I have never forgotten the privilege of working with you, your kind smile, and your focused respect for the craft.”

But perhaps no tribute works better than quoting his line as Babe Ruth. “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die.” I get the feeling LaFleur will always be remembered.