Tim Allen Opens Up on Stargazing, Asks Fans for Guesses on Nebula Nickname He Had Growing Up

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Comedian and actor Tim Allen recently opened up questioning for his fans on social media, asking for guesses on a “Nebula Nickname” he had growing up.

The legendary funny man continues to do what he does best and that is making people laugh. Allen, the Home Improvement and Last Man Standing star, has made and long and successful career out of playing hilarious characters in sitcoms and in movies. From playing Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor to playing Kris Kringle in “The Santa Clause,” there’s no doubt that Allen is a comedic icon.

The now 67-year-old actor is extremely active on social media. He uses his platform to share laughs with his more than 554,000 fans and followers. On Thursday, he took to Twitter to share a question with them after doing some star gazing in his backyard.

“Looking out last night, 1,360 lightyears out, with my backyard telescope,” Allen wrote on Twitter. “I found a nebula with the same name my older brothers called me growing up. Anybody got a guess?”

As you might have guessed, Tim Allen fans came up with some rather humorous responses. Some of them more original than others.

Jaren (@jarenclee) had the most obvious guess writing, “Tim.”

Mike Monaghan’s (lifewithmikey52) guess does seem like something an older brother would call his little brother. He responded with the guess, “Fartknocker?”

JD (@jdpeak) followed suit, saying that a nickname from an older brother couldn’t be a good one. His guess was “Nimrod.”

Gerry Hoffman (@GerryHoffman9) had a guess along the same lines, “Dipstick or Dipsh-t.”

Ken Murray (@murraymaker), along with a few other Twitter users, all guessed the same thing: “Dumbbell nebula.”

Tim Allen Misses Live Audience During Season 9 Filming of Last Man Standing

Tim Allen recently had a hilarious interview with television host Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe Last Man Standing star discusses filming the show with what he calls “penalty boxes.” The two popular comedians also take a hard look and discuss how much the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entertainment industry.

“It’s the same situation. They’ve taken the ‘show’ out of show business. You’re just doing your work, and the lighting guy’s gotta come in and separate. It’s Disney protocols – and they’re doing it to save everybody’s lives,” Allen says. “It’s just … weird.”

“Our show is based on – it’s like theatre, but stand-up,” Allen continues. “We have 200 to 300 people (in our) live audience. We love our live audience show. Not there! So we have a bunch of penalty boxes.”

Although Season Nine will be the last for Last Man Standing, it does promise to be something special.

Furthermore, Tim Allen also called in from his garage to the Kelly Clarkson Show recently to discuss a variety of different topics. The comedy star and actor discusses similar topics with Clarkson, most notably how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to the comedy and acting industry.