Tim Allen Pays Tribute to ‘Home Improvement’ Actor Earl Hindman, Who Played Wilson: ‘God Rest You’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Legendary funny man and actor Tim Allen is remembering a former co-star and friend with a recent social media post.

Tim Allen’s Hollywood career is full of iconic roles that drew laughter from practically everyone who watched. He plays a Scott Calvin, who reluctantly transforms into Santa Claus, in “The Santa Clause.” His most recent hit sitcom series is “Last Man Standing,” in which he plays family man and marketing savant, Mike Baxter. The hit comedy series aired for nine seasons before coming to an end earlier this year in May. Tim Allen’s most iconic role, however,” is that of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in the hit sitcom “Home Improvement.”

In the hilarious series, Tim Allen plays a bumbling tool expert obsessed with giving ordinary objects “more power.” When “The Tool Man” needed life advice, he stood at his neighbor’s fence and waited for his friend, Wilson to come over for a chat. Known for always covering his face, Wilson the neighbor is played actor Earl Hindman. The neighbor’s full name was “Wilson W, Wilson” and he was mostly known for helping Allen’s character through difficult times. Tim Allen and Hindman also became great friends away from the “Home Improvement” set. Hindman passed away in 2003, but Allen still remembers his dear friend.

“Wilson’s ghost was holding that spinner,” the star actor and comedian says in his post. “God rest you my old friend Earl Hindman.”

With the “spinner” comments, Allen is recalling a previous social media post in which he is thankful for his neighbors.

“Summer neighbor keeps forth decorations up all summer,” he says in the Tuesday evening tweet. “Grateful for great neighbors.”

Tim Allen Remembers Firend, Co-Star

As you can also tell by the photo, the patriotic spinner is barely rising above the wooden fence. Tim Allen used to symbolize Hindman’s character because Wilson was mostly seen peering just about the fence separating his and Taylor’s homes.

“Hidey ho, good neighbor!” was Wilson’s often repeated catchphrase on “Home Improvement”

Tim Allen finds himself with a little extra time on his hands these days as he is “between” television shows. His nine-year run with “Last Man Standing” recently came to an end after nine seasons. Allen’s Mike Baxter was also the main attraction of the show and the comedic actor says he’s had a hard time letting Baxter go. “Last Man Standing” went for six seasons on ABC before facing cancellation. It was then picked by Fox and given a seventh, eighth and ninth season.

The latest project for Tim Allen is the History Channel hit reality competition show “Assembly Required.

The show reunites Allen with his longtime “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn, who plays Al Borland. The History Channel has yet to reveal if the popular series will get a second season.