Tim Allen Posts Famous Quote About ‘Hate’ That ‘Really Hit’ Him

by Matthew Wilson

Tim Allen wants his Twitter followers to let go of their hate. The “Last Man Standing” actor recently shared a powerful quote on his social media.

Allen shared a quote about hate from Civil Rights leader and author Coretta Scott King. King was also the wife of Reverend Martin Luther King. The quote speaks on how holding hate injuries the person more than the person that they hate. One should let the hate go to save themselves the pain.

On Twitter, Allen wrote, “Really hit me today when I read this quote ‘Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.’

Allen often shares advice and other tidbits of wisdom with his followers on his Twitter. He also has revealed behind the scenes of his hit sitcom “Last Man Standing,” which is in its last season. He’s also updated audiences on a hot rod, nicknamed “The Vik,” that he owns. The actor and his team of mechanics have been slowly building the vehicle. Allen promises to share the finished result with his followers.

Twitter has become such a staple in the actor’s life that sometimes it distracts him from getting work down. In a recent tweet, Allen joked about how much time he spends on the platform when he should be focused on “Last Man Standing.”

“Maybe I should look at my lines and stop tweeting,” Allen wrote light-heartedly.

Tim Allen’s New Show

When he’s not on social media, the actor has been busy. Allen’s hit show “Last Man Standing” is wrapping up its ninth and final season. The actor has been preparing to say goodbye to Mike Baxter and his clan. He wants to make sure the family receives the ending they deserve, even if it doesn’t truly feel like the end yet.

Meanwhile, Allen is prepared to kick off a new chapter in his career by returning to something old. He’s bringing out his tool belt once more. But rather than starring in a reboot of “Home Improvement,” Allen is partnering with Richard Karn for the competition show “Assembly Required.”

“I’ve always admired people who repair something instead of replace it,” he tweeted upon the show’s announcement. “So, I created a competition show with HISTORY [channel] and my old buddy [Richard Karn], to challenge the people who love to get stuff done!”

Allen announced the show where else but Twitter.