Tim Allen Delivers Powerful Comments on First Responders on 9/11 20th Anniversary: ‘Bless Them All’

by Keeli Parkey

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 many celebrities have shared their thoughts and feelings about the events of that fateful day. One of those celebrities is “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” star Tim Allen.

The 68-year-old sitcom star shared his comments on his Twitter page on Saturday, Sept. 11. In his post, Allen talked about how the many other 9/11 posts have touched his heart.

“The September 11 memorial content hits me hard,” Tim Allen said. “Memories of that day as we watched in such horror. We were attacked as one country and as one people.”

The popular actor then praised the first responders who rushed into danger in order to save others. Their sacrifice is something that remains with him 20 years later. “Humbled at the men and women who made the ultimate and went to save those in need,” Allen also shared.

He then shared well-wishes for them. “Bless them all,” he added.

Some followers of Tim Allen joined him in the feelings he shared about 9/11. For example, @JeffTheDutchman talked about the heroic efforts of those who responded on that tragic day. “I think the most amazing thing is the fact that those brave men/woman (sic) still went into those towers after driving up to them and seeing what was occurring. That is the true definition of a HERO,” this follower shared.

Another follower of Tim Allen longed for the unity that enveloped the United States of America following the events of Sept. 11, 2001.”Indeed, Tim @ofctimallen, a sad day of remembrance for us all. How I wish we could all stand together again, united as one as we did on that day. We are so far from that place now…,” @DavidRa63452744 also shared.

Tim Allen Is One of Many Celebrities Who Have Shared Their Thoughts on 9/11

In addition to Tim Allen, there has been a host of celebrities who have shared their thoughts and feelings about 9/11 on its 20th anniversary.

Another is country music star Luke Bryan. The singer focused his comments on the families who lost loved ones on that tragic day. “20 years later, but my heart still breaks for the families of our fallen heroes on this tragic day. #NeverForget,” he shared.

Bryan’s fellow country music star Miranda Lambert also vowed to remember the events of Sept. 11, 2001. “We will never forget. … Sending love and light today and everyday (sic) to the families of those who tragically lost their lives on this day 20 years ago,” Lambert posted on Instagram.

It wasn’t just country music stars who remarked on the historical event. Rock star Stevie Nicks also shared her thoughts. “We had been attacked. It couldn’t have been an accident. Not two accidents in a row… I walked over to the window where I had been sitting (it seemed like minutes ago) and looked down. Everything was grey. There were no cars, there were no yellow cabs. There were no people. It looked like death. It looked like the end of the world,” the icon shared.

These are just a few of the remembrances shared today. Of course, there are many more. We all have our memories from that day. And as long as we remember them, the events of that day will never be lost.