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Tim Allen Provides Cool New Look at His Hot Rod ‘The Vik’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Admit it. You’ve been watching Tim Allen for a long time and know about his deep passion for classic cars. He’s showing off again.

In a good way, though. Like any Outsider who spends a few hours under the hood working on cars, Allen does the same thing. His gigs on “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” have provided him with vast wealth.

Allen makes sure to take care of his family, plus he’s getting back on the road with his stand-up shows.

Still, the hum of a classic car will gain some attention from Tim Allen. Take a look as he shares the latest YouTube video with his Twitter followers on his car, “The Vik.” You’ll see a mechanic working on it in the video, which is just another installment in the series.

Fans have been watching the ongoing progress with “The Vik” for a period of time.

Tim Allen has to be excited while keeping tabs on things happening in the garage.

If you are interested, Outsiders, then look up Tim Allen on YouTube. You can click the “subscribe” button and get alerts when a new video drops. Also, you can check out previous videos in the series.

Yes, the “Tool Man” may just be a TV character. Allen isn’t and this dude loves his cars. Maybe you can relate to his passion for them.

Tim Allen Engages Fans In ‘Shared Thought Experiment’

Let’s show you another side of Tim Allen. Obviously, he loves his fans and decided to engage with them in a unique way recently.

Allen hopped on the old Twitter machine and asked his adoring followers to take part in something. He decided to do what he called a “shared thought experiment.”

This is something quite interesting indeed.

Tim Allen wrote on Sept. 1, “Shared thought experiment: I wrote down on a piece of green post-it paper a word that is a object. I now imagine that object in a 6 x 6 inch square black box. Thurs at 8 pct I will tweet what it is. Relax and tweet what comes to mind. And it’s not Wilson’s hat. Just a experiment.”

Do you think you have it figured out? Yeah, it’s a tough one.

Allen, though, kept his word and offered up the answer on the following day. Instead of just giving you the answer, which you could ahead of figuring it out, maybe you’d like to answer yourself.

So, Outsiders, try and guess what Tim Allen had written down.

After you have given it some thought, then click here for the following day’s tweet. The answer is in the tweet.

You can thank him for the answer, too.