Tim Allen Provides Hysterical Update from ‘Last Man Standing’ Filming: ‘It Was Humming Merry Christmas’

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of “Last Man Standing” are patiently waiting for the season premiere. Tim Allen is keeping fans abreast of the situation on the set. His Twitter is a goldmine of humorous behind the scenes photos.

For the past two days, Allen has shared some photos of a mysterious monolith with hilarious captions. Yesterday, he shared a photo of the monolith saying that it showed up on set with no explanation. Earlier today, Allen took to Twitter to share an update with his followers.

We may not know what role the monolith plays or where it came from. However, we do know that it is in the Christmas spirit. In the post from earlier today, Tim Allen tells his followers that “it landed conveniently on a wooden base,” and that it was “humming Merry Christmas to All.”

Tim Allen may not know everything there is to know about mysterious monoliths but he knows plenty about the Christmas spirit. The Tool Man has taken on the mantle of Santa three times in a series of hit holiday movies.

Tim Allen’s Future Looks Bright

“Last Man Standing” is on its final season but things are still looking up for Tim Allen. Fans are over-the-moon with excitement about the upcoming season. At the same time, they are sad to see the show end. There is good news for those who want to see more of Allen on TV, though.

The final season of Tim Allen’s hit sitcom is set to premiere on January third on Fox. Shortly after that, his upcoming reality competition show “Assembly Required” will hit the History Channel in mid-February. The show sees Allen and his “Home Improvement” co-star Richard Karn teaming up in the workshop. This time, they won’t be super-charging household items. instead, they will be introducing contestants who are working to repair and improve their own items. It sounds like it will be a safer reality-show version of “Tool Time.” That sounds like something that all Tim Allen fans can get behind.