Tim Allen Is Reminded of ‘Why RV People Never Shake Each Other Hands’ in New Photo

by Clayton Edwards

Spending time in an RV can be great. Whether you’re on the open road or in your back yard camping with the kids, you can build memories in relative comfort. Tim Allen spent some time in his family’s RV recently. There is no word on if he and his daughter made any new memories. However, Allen had his memory refreshed when he serviced the vehicle after their impromptu camping excursion.

Tim Allen posted his hard-learned lesson on Twitter yesterday. Along with a photo of his RV’s plumbing, the Tool Man added that after servicing the vehicle, he is, “…reminded why RV people never shake each other hands”

Tim Allen makes a good point. Some things just don’t wash off. No matter how many times you wash your hands, you still feel dirty. It seems like cleaning an RV’s septic tank would leave your hands feeling less-than-clean for quite awhile. That’s just one of those sacrifices that dads make to keep the kids happy.

According to the tweet, Allen went through the ordeal just to spend a night in the RV with his youngest.

Tim Allen Isn’t A Fan of RVs

Tim Allen talked about his family’s RV and how much he disliked the idea of traveling in it on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” back in 2017. He told the talk show host that he bought the RV for his wife. According to Allen, “My wife decided that for one of her birthdays, the big one, one of the big ones, that she says ‘I want to go and take a trip in a sewage truck’ Or, you call them RVs.”

Allen also said that he had the RV completely customized for him and his family. However, no matter how nice the RV is, it’s still a rolling septic tank to Tim Allen. He went on to tell Kimmel about the need to empty the tank.

About the rest of the experience, the “Last Man Standing” star summed it up pretty simply. “You go places you don’t want to go. Then, you park and level it and you cook eggs.”

So, if Allen is so sour on the experience, why get the custom RV and take the trips? That answer is simple. He does it to make his wife and kids happy. Showing the world that he is the kind of man who makes sacrifices to put a smile on his family’s faces is great. I’d like to buy the guy a beer, personally. I think I would have to pass on the handshake, though.