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Tim Allen Returns To Filming on ‘Last Man Standing,’ Jokes About ‘Daily Nose Swabs’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Tim Allen is back for more Last Man Standing as filming resumes for a 9th season and keeps his sense of humor amid being nose-deep in daily COVID testing.

Last Man Standing is a bonified hit for FOX. The show is consistently high in the network’s rankings, and will now make it to a very impressive 9th season. The show’s star, Tim Allen, confirms the news with a little extra glimpse into what life will be like on the set now:

“So happy to be back working with my TV family on #LastManStanding! I’m beginning to enjoy the daily nose swabs. Should that be concerning?”

Tim Allen, Twitter

Allen is, of course, referring to the COVID-19 nose-swab test. The test – for those unfamiliar – requires a cotton swab (or Q-tip) to be inserted as far back in your nostril as humanly possible. If you’ve not had it done, consider yourself fortunate. It is…. unpleasant.

‘Last Man Standing’ back for 9th Season

Regardless, with over 10k likes and comments in less than a day, it’s clear Last Man Standing‘s fans are ready for the show’s return. Perhaps the best – and most fitting – comment, however, comes from Kaitlyn Dever. Dever plays Tim’s youngest daughter on the show – the Eve Baxter to his Mike Baxter:

Fans are quick to point out her absence from the show, however. When the show was canceled at ABC and later picked up by FOX, several changes were made to the cast. Dever was able to stick around, but only in a limited recurring role, instead of her regular starring status. The culprit? During the break between networks, Dever found plenty of work elsewhere – including Netflix.

Tim Allen is also starring in a new show, Assembly Required, with his old Home Improvement co-star, Richard Karn.

Regardless of changes, Last Man Standing will be back on FOX in 2021. Season 9 is expected to make a January debut.

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