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Tim Allen Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Photo with Message of Gratitude to ‘Production Folks’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Carin Baer/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Tim Allen took the time to thank his “great” ‘Last Man Standing‘ crew with this behind-the-scenes photo from a “tough year.”

“So grateful for all the production folks that made this tough year happen,” Allen posts to his official Twitter account. “Big challenges and we are doing it thanks to our great crew.”

Within, Allen share the following shot of the less-glamorous, essential side of Hollywood:

While fans are sad to have Last Man come to an end with S9, the season will forever be special to Tim Allen and fans. For the cast and crew filming during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s been an experience none will ever forget.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the show, the two veteran funnymen dive deep into how much the pandemic has changed their industry – and the filming of Season 9, as seen in the BTS shot above.

“They’ve taken the ‘show’ out of showbusiness,” Allen half-smiles to Kimmel. “You’re just doing your work, and the lighting guy’s gotta come in and separate. It’s Disney protocols – and they’re doing it to save everybody’s lives,” he adds, “it’s just… weird.”

“Our show is based on – it’s like theatre, but stand-up. We have two hundred to three hundred people live audience. We love our live audience show. Not there!” he gestures. Meaning, of course, that the live audience they’ve filmed with for a decade now is no longer present. “So we have a buncha penalty boxes,” Allen says of the adjustment with a laugh.

Tim Allen ‘Standing’ Strong Despite Pandemic

Moreover, Kimmel asks the Last Man Standing star how it was returning to his hit show for the first time during the pandemic:

“It was very sad – and – it was dry,” Allen clarifies in our previous coverage of the interview. “No one knew what to do. Now, we have paid laughers,” he grins, “in penalty boxes. And they’re just up in these boxes. And they we’re getting dry after a while. So we had to get a paid warm-up guy,” he laughs, “to warm up the paid laughers, and you’re goin – ‘you gotta be kidding me? It’s different, but we’ve gotten used to it,” Allen adds.

For him, however, the actor says his sadness stems from this being how the show experience ends for everyone, rather than the safety protocols themselves.

“I’m more sad about… This is our 9th season – and I’d prefer it not end this way,” he clarifies. “If the vaccination works, maybe the last four or so episodes, we’ll get our live audience back for everyone.”

As for ‘Last Man Standing’ itself, Tim Allen’s ‘Mike Baxter’ has finally picked his Outdoor Man Replacement as the Final Season Nears its End.