Tim Allen Reveals First Trailer for ‘Last Man Standing’ Final Season

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

On Monday, Tim Allen took to Twitter to share the hilarious trailer for the final season of “Last Man Standing.”

The video gives fans a taste of the series’ big finish including a special cameo appearance. Most notably, it also gives context to a photo that Allen tweeted in November.

‘Last Man Standing’ Season 9 Trailer

Fans of “Last Man Standing” have been craving more of the sitcom since the eighth season ended back in April. Today, Tim Allen tweeted the trailer for the upcoming season. Fans are excited to see more episodes but unhappy about the show ending.

Along with the announcement of the new and final season, fans got a look at what the Baxter family would be up to in the coming episodes. They were not disappointed.

Last Man Meets The Tool Man

While other stars of “Home Improvement” have had parts in “Last Man Standing”, this latest cameo is definitely the biggest. In the trailer, we see Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, being introduced to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, also played by Allen. Watching his present character work off of The Tool Man will be fun for fans of both shows.

The final season of “Last Man Standing” will premier January 3rd on Fox.

What’s Next for Tim Allen?

If you’re worried about where to get your Tim Allen fix after “Last Man Standing” goes off the air, there is some good news. If you were a fan of “Home Improvement” the news is even better. Allen will be teaming up with Richard Karn, who played Al Borland, on a building competition show for The History Channel. The show is titled “Assembly Required” and will premiere in 2021.

The show will focus on builders from across the country breathing new life into household items in their home workshops. According to Allen, contestants won’t just be repairing broken things. They will be building them better than they were before. The more we learn about the show, the more it sounds like a real-life version of “Tool Time.” No complaints here.

Allen and Karn will appear in the show to introduce the contestants and discuss the items they are working on.

Until “Assembly Required” airs next year, you could always break out your “Santa Clause” DVDs. ‘Tis the season, after all.