Tim Allen Reveals Quote That Forced Him to Re-Read and Express His Feelings

by Quentin Blount

Our favorite sitcom dad, Tim Allen, took to social media on Monday evening once again. This time to share an insightful quote with his fans and followers.

The 67-year-old actor and comedian has long been considered one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood. However, he often pushes back against that label. And on Monday he did so once again, sharing a quote with his fans that he says “articulates his feelings about identity politics.” The quote is from the Dutch writer Ian Buruma.

“To make a fetish of identity, whether of race, class, or nation, is always an impoverishment, a provincial narrowing of perspective.”

Allen says he had to “re-read” the quote along with speaking it aloud. He then says that it truly captures how he feels about identity politics in America.

“Had to re-read and say it out loud several times, it really articulated my feelings about identity politics,” Allen shares on Twitter.

Allen’s fans and followers seem to agree with his stance. His tweet has gotten more than three thousand likes since going live.

One user replied to Tim Allen saying, “I’ve always said you don’t need to label yourself because you know who you are. Labels are perception not identity.”

Another follower, Los Chucky (@LosMorgan52311) chimed in with their thoughts as well.

“The only way you can destroy a United country is to divide it by using race, religion, ethnicity, and identity. Once you have everyone hating each other, it’s easier to step in and conquer them all.”

Tim Allen to Star in Premiere of ‘Assembly Required’

Home Improvement fans get ready — Tim Allen and Richard Karn are back together for the premiere of Assembly Required. The episode will premiere on the HISTORY Channel on Tuesday, February 23 at 10/9 Central.

Allen’s new show is a reality-based competition featuring contestants attempting complex builds. Those competing in the show will work from their own home workshops to build some awesome creations.

The show, of course. brings back the Home Improvement duo of Allen and Karn to provide commentary on the projects. In their previous hit show, Allen starred as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, and Karn as his “Tool Time” assistant Al Borland.

There’s no doubt that Allen and Karn are excited to be working together once again. In fact, Allen posted an exclusive teaser video to Twitter on Monday afternoon.

“What are YOU doing tomorrow night?” Tim Allen asks excitedly on Twitter.

We know what we’ll be doing. Follow along with us here at Outsider as the premiere of Assembly Required gets underway.