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Tim Allen Reveals He Screamed the F-Bomb on ‘The Santa Clause 2’ Set While in Santa Suit

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Randy Holmes/ Getty Images)

There’s nothing that will put you in the Christmas mood quite like Tim Allen in a Santa suit yelling the F-bomb in front of children.

Right? Maybe not…

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, the country music star asks Tim Allen about his “sailor mouth” and if it has also landed him in any hot water.

Well, apparently, it sure had. Tim Allen reveals that he lost his cool on the set of Santa Clause 2 after a long day around loud children.

“It didn’t occur to me, and this is a– you know, over Christmas everybody reminds me of this. When I was doing Santa Clause 2, I do it in my act. I’m not really a big fan of children. I have them, I like mine, kind of. I don’t like other people’s children, and when we did Santa Clause, it was like cats. They wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Tim Allen and the Submarine Scene

In one scene from the Disney film, Tim Allen has to cramp himself into a submarine with twelve other children. Small spaces in addition to lots of screaming kids, sounds like the perfect combination for the 67-year-old actor. Not to mention Allen was pretty exhausted after a long day of filming.

“I mean, I’m dressed like Santa Clause. We had a North Pole set. We used real children, and in one scene in a submarine. We’re looking. We’re waiting for the North Pole, and then the Air Force is flying over the North Pole. They had a sonar beacon. I said, “everybody’s gotta be quiet,” and these two kids were fighting in the back, and the scene required– it was late afternoon, and I’d been in this stuff way too long, I’m very angry, sweaty and the camera just had to come around and get my eyes, and then the movie opens. It’s Santa.”

The Final Outburst

Tim Allen had had enough of the shenanigans for one day on set, and after fifteen takes of one scene, he finally let out the colorful word.

“These kids, again, “He hit me.” “He pinched me.” “Cut guys,” and get them. Fifteen takes later, the kid said one more word, and I let out the loudest F-bomb. And I turned around, and there are 12 children that looked like you had ripped their legs off. Their Santa has just screamed the F-bomb. And quickly, Disney people came in and calmed the parents down.”

In addition, the comedian admits that staff members tried to play it off as a Swedish word meaning “holiday trim.” Naturally, no one believed it for a second. However, Tim Allen says he learned his lesson.

We’re sure that Santa’s unjolly outburst only minorly scars those children. Personally, we think it is hilarious and would love to see that blooper reel.