Tim Allen Reveals Who He Really Admires

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Tim Allen has had an impressive career over the years. The longtime actor is behind some of television’s most iconic sitcoms. He’s even stepped in to fill Santa Claus’s boots, traveling around the world delivering toys to children and moved to the North Pole. He’s made the journey portraying the newest Santa Claus in the iconic Christmas favorite Santa Clause. The longtime actor has even been to “infinity and beyond.”

But, who does Tim Allen admire the most? His fans.

Earlier this week, Tim Allen posted a photo of a garage that we could certainly see the former Home Improvement star spending his days inside.

“I so admire all of you who can talk, listen and better yet, get stuff done,” Tim Allen writes in his October 28 Twitter post.

Tim Allen is certainly not new to posting thoughtful Tweets.

In fact, the former Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor actor’s Tweets are known for their inspiring messages.

Sometimes, these quotes come from some of the world’s greatest thinkers such as 20th-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Other times, Tim Allen will share quotes on his Twitter page that come from the wise words uttered by Allen’s Home Improvement character, Tim Taylor.

Wherever they come from, most of these tweets are simultaneously relevantly poignant, usually in a most hilarious way.

Tim Allen Shares His Wisdom

Tim Allen is praising the hard workers this week. However, last week, the television star shared a hilarious post admitting his own limitations.

“Progression to my higher self requires a constant process of getting out of my own way,” Tim Allen says in his October 18 Tweet.

“Laughed as I read this quote,” the star adds. “”You can’t save your ass and your face as the same time.””

This progression to Allen’s higher self is certainly a wise, and hilarious, little nugget of wisdom.

Tim Allen recently made a return to television after his long-running hit series Last Man Standing came to an end. In his new History Channel series, Assembly Required, Allen stars alongside a familiar face, his former Home Improvement sidekick, Richard Karn.

However, this season, the show is coming back to television with a pretty major change. The History Channel show now has a new title, More Power.

Of course, fans of Allen’s hit 1990s series will immediately get the Home Improvement shout-out. Any fan of Home Improvement remembers how obsessed Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor was with giving everything “more power.”

The popular History Channel show features Allen and Karn hosting a variety of challenges as builders from across the country compete while fixing and building everyday household gadgets.