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Tim Allen Says He Feels ‘Like a Can of Food’ in New Adorable Puppy Pic

by Jennifer Shea
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

There’s a new member of Tim Allen’s family, and according to the TV and movie star, she’s always hungry.

Allen took to Twitter Monday night to share a cute picture of his youngest daughter’s new puppy, who Allen claims is always fixing him with an unnerving look.

“My youngest got a new puppy,” Allen tweeted. “I swear its always looking at me a[s] though I was a can of food.”

Tim Allen Welcomes Puppy into Family

As Allen’s Twitter timeline shows, the puppy has grown up fast. Just three short months ago, she was a tiny pup with blue rather than golden eyes making her first visit to the vet.

“Context is everything,” Allen tweeted at the time. “I got my youngest our first puppy for her birthday. Yesterday she said the vet called wanted me to bring the puppy in. ‘And bring a stool sample.’ Weird but ok. I handed everything to reception and got a strange look. ‘Oh, you meant a sample from the puppy.’”

Check out Allen’s picture of the pup here:

Allen Struggled with the End of ‘Last Man Standing’

Allen’s Fox sitcom “Last Man Standing” recently drew to a close after nine seasons (six on ABC, three on Fox). And Allen admitted he had a hard time saying goodbye.

“I had health problems letting go of this one,” Allen told reporters in a May Zoom interview, according to UPI.

Allen explained that the drawn-out goodbye took a toll on his health, he was so sad to see the show ending.

“These were not comfortable weeks,” Allen said of the show’s final episodes. “I was counting off the hours. I did not do well with this. In a very moralistic way, I’m glad it’s done because I can’t feel this way anymore.”

When the end finally came, it was a bit of a blur. The cast had all been so harried that final week of filming that they reached the end almost before they knew it, and then they realized they weren’t ready to say goodbye.

“It was so busy that last week [when we were filming],” Allen recalled. “It was the last five, 10 minutes of that show that everybody broke [down]. It just came so fast. They didn’t want that show to end. The network really was pleading with us to keep that going.”

But finally they finished the series finale, and Allen was very proud of the result. In fact, Allen said in the Zoom interview that he feels even closer to Mike Baxter than he did to his “Home Improvement” character, Tim Taylor. And in the lead-up to the series finale, Allen reminded fans to tune in.

“Loved working on this show,” he tweeted at the time.